The Topic

The main topic of this blog is yoga, although I have been known to ruminate about things only loosely connected to yoga, or things that I consider to be in the “spirit” of yoga, without offering any explanation as to how.

The family

me, visiting Napa Valley, CA in May 2010

My name is Jamie. I am a yoga student and teacher working towards my 200 RYT designation. I was born and raised in Central Illinois, where I live and work full time doing corporatey things. My first love is reading — I have a passion for books that often rivals my passion for yoga. I also like to play with my dogs, spend time with my husband, go out to eat with friends, and hang out in the blogosphere.

Andy, on a Chicago getaway in March, 2010

My husband, Andy, teaches college English. He likes tacos and the DIY network. I asked him what else he wanted me to write here about him and he came up with some lame stuff I’m not going to post. But he’s a very funny guy and also very smart. So smart, in fact, that he married me in 2008.

We have two furry family members: Izzy, a standard poodle/wheaten terrier mix, and Rocky, a Jack Russell Terrier mix. They are best friends and they keep us entertained.

Izzy, June 2010


Rocky, summer 2009

My Yoga Story

My grandmother took me to my first yoga class in 2004. For the next few years, I took classes only intermittently. I spent my college years wanting to like yoga but not quite liking it, exactly. For some reason, though, I kept coming back and I never gave up on it. I still remember how impossible tree pose felt during those years.

In 2008, I found the first teacher who helped me make sense of everything, at a University rec center. It was then that I think yoga actually found me. My practice matured a lot in the next year, and even though I switched teachers and switched gyms, I realized that something essential was consistent from class to class, teacher to teacher.

In the summer of 2009 I began considering the idea of enrolling in teacher training. I took YogaFit level 1 in October 2009 and since then have been working slowly towards my 200 RYT, one class at a time.


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On the Mat was born Wednesday, October 28, 2009.


3 responses to “About

  1. Roberta Cabulong

    I took a couple of Les Mills BodyFlow class. The music was too loud. Appears inconsistent with the intent to center and calm you.

  2. I love the new look! The picture at the top is so cool. The whole design is awesome! :)

  3. hi, just came across your site. nice. I too am from central illinois and am interested in yoga. What also sparked me to email is your cute little jack russell mix – mixed w/ poodle by chance. That is what I have – did you get him from a guy in Bloomingon? Just wondering because I did and there one a few that were more white – ours is black and brown….
    Shanti, Tracy Cline

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