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A letter to this blog

Dear blog,

I’m here to extend my sincere apologies for neglecting you so thoroughly lately. I know it’s the holidays and you’re probably lonely. I want you to know that I do still care about you and I hope that we can be together again someday.

I need some time alone. Life is crazy, hectic, and full of extreme ups and downs. I am still teaching and practicing yoga and still pursuing my 200RYT. But I have run out of words about yoga. For now. They will come back someday and then we will be reunited. It will exceed all of our hopes and dreams.

I have been doing a lot of writing lately. Not about yoga, but about life and the things I am currently dealing with. Like yoga, writing lessens my load and someday I will look back on my current situation as a period of growth. Like yoga, I know you will always be here for me when I’m ready to write again.

But for now, I am focusing on myself and my dear Andy, and that requires me to withdraw just a bit from the blog world.

Happy holidays to you, my dear blog. Thanks for being my friend for the past year.



Happy Blogoversary to me!

One year ago today I created this adorable little blog. I have made so many friends through it and it’s been extremely fun. But instead of celebrating myself and my blog on this, my blogoversary, I decided to give out some awards to my fellow yoga blog friends, who make blogging extra fun.

So here they are – in no particular order.


The Ahimsa in Action Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Lisa at Eco Yogini in Halifax, Novia Scotia. She makes ahimsa (non-harming) her top priority every day by striving to be kind to the earth and sharing her journey with us. I especially adore her blog for her sense of humor and personal “overshares”. Also, she’s a newlywed! Congrats!


The Blog Commenter Extraordinaire Ribbon goes to Emma at The Joy of Yoga in New York. She is nearly always the first person to comment on my blogs and always has something witty to say. I love Emma’s blog because she posts creative sequences and heartwarming, funny stories about teaching yoga.


The Sass-asana Certificate clearly goes to Y is for Yogini in California. She manages to stay upbeat and lighthearted while always touching on real issues…with a generous helping of sass. Her tweets make me laugh and her ribbing of the boy yogis around us is good-natured and entertaining!


The Superwoman Medallion is awarded to Rachel at Suburban Yogini in Cambridge. Rachel is superwoman because she blogs more than the rest of us combined. It’s always thoughtful, composed, and honest over at her place. She’s already an accomplished yoga teacher, vegan cook, and partner, and is on her way to being a massage therapist.


The Kick-asana Commemorative Coin goes to The Misanthropic Yogini at Damn Good Yoga in Texas. Because seriously, go look at her asanas! She also maintains a kick-asana and enviable dedicated home and meditation practice while balancing the duties of teaching yoga with school, work, and life.


The Balanced Beauty Plaque goes to Heather at Namaste Heather in Ohio. There’s lots of beauty in this blog. Her ideas are beautiful and so is she, and she’s constantly witnessing the beauty around her. She juggles it all as she strives for balance between personal and professional.


The Million Miles Away Medallion goes to Bree at Yoga Gypsy in East Timor. Because she’s a million miles away but also feels like she could be my next-door neighbor. I love reading about life in East Timor and the important, interesting work Bree does.


The Change You Can See Commemorative Patch goes to Emma at Des hauts et des bananas in Brussels. Emma is using her talents to change the world one day at a time. She’s taking her life by the reins and trying to make more of herself and live up to her potential.


The Orange Awesomeness Award goes to Babs at Babs Babble in Montana. Orange is her favorite color and her blog is just full to the brim of awesomeness. She’s feeling out her way as a teacher and gaining quite a following.

There are lots of other awesome bloggers, but these are the ones who have been there since the beginning (or nearly so) of my blog journey. Thanks ladies!


A field trip and some blanks

This week (on Wednesday) I organized a little “field trip” for one of my yoga classes.

This is the class that meets twice a week, with six women. One of them usually brings her 11-year-old daughter along. It’s a group of tightly-knit friends who have let me into their lives two hours a week, and I have very much enjoyed getting to know them.

I bought a newbie pass at the fancy yoga studio in town, which is good for three classes. I attended one of the Vinyasa Flow classes two weeks ago to scope it out, and decided it was appropriate for a field trip. Two of the ladies were able to go to class with me this week and more of them plan to attend in two weeks when I go again.

It was fun to be in the “student” role alongside my students, though hard to let go of my “teacher” half. At the fancy yoga studio she spoke almost exlusively in Sanskrit, and I was criticizing myself a bit for not teaching them more Sanskrit names. They would have had an easier time following along (but they ended up doing just fine anyway). The positioning of the room afforded me a view of both students and it was hard for me not to size them up and offer adjustments…it was great for me to practice turning that awareness inward.

Last night before class we had a good laugh about the trip. It’s common for this group to giggle during class, joke around, tease each other, and try things they wouldn’t in a studio — they’re not afraid to fail around their friends. The “church like” atmsophere of the studio class (look straight ahead, no whispering, this is serious stuff here) was majorly at odds with the way our classes generally go. Not to mention they got the “Rosetta Stone” experience of Sanskrit: full immersion!

If you ever get the opportunity to attend class with your students, I encourage you to go for it.  : )

On an unrelated note, Suburban Yogini has been doing blanks recently and I thought this would be a fun little thing right before the weekend.

1.  In the story of my life the actor who would play me would be Laura Linney. I think she’s so pretty in a wholesome, realistic way. She’s older than I am though so we’d have to get the timing just right.

2.  If I could change one thing about the world it would be more tolerance, less hate. More acceptance, less judgment.

3.  Yesterday I took a big step towards a future goal, and was reminded of just how much I love my hubby.

4.  My favourite comfort food is sweets. Things that are terrible for you but taste yummy.

5.  My new favourite blog find is A Little Pregnant. Julie has an amazing story.

6.  If I could meet any blog friend (who I haven’t met yet) in real life, I’d choose to meet Hmmm this is hard. Probably Y is for Yogini, because she’s just so sassy. But I think I’d have so much in common with all of you that it’s really tough to pick.

7. My favourite breakfast food is twofold: on workdays it has to be something sensible like granola or some healthy cereal, otherwise, it’s a long morning until lunch. But on the weekends I like to indulge with muffins or pancakes or big breakfast scrambles. So I guess I can’t really pick!


Breaking the rules

source unknown

When I set my 2010 goals at the end of 2009, I told myself I would blog at least twice a week for the entire year of 2010. Some weeks this was easy and I wrote more than two posts, some weeks I was really desperate to come up with the second topic, but I somehow found a way.

Last week, I only posted once on this blog.

I posted a sequence on Tuesday and assured myself that I had four entire days to come up with a second post (I consider a week Sunday-Saturday, which is at odds with my dear husband’s Monday-Sunday way of looking at life). By Friday I was a little concerned about not having written anything here yet, and by Saturday morning there was a sort of alarm going off in the back of my head that said “BLOG! BLOG! BLOG!”

I had a busy Saturday – heading off to my parents’ house first thing and arriving back home at 7:30, at which point I zipped off to a friend’s house for plans at 8. As I was driving home at 11:30 (four episodes of Glee later) I thought to myself “I have fourty five minutes to get home, come up with something worthwhile to write about and get it posted in order to meet my goal”.

And then a nasty little voice in the back of my head whispered “don’t blog”. WHAT? Are you kidding me? “Just don’t do it. Enjoy the last hour of your Saturday night, instead of forcing yourself to write some mediocre post people will just skim anyway.” The sensical part of my brain shrieked back, BUT IT’S A RULE! I always post twice a week! ALWAYS!

Before I had gotten home (it’s a 20 minute ride) I had decided that nasty little voice really had a point. Why do I create so many rules for myself? Sometimes they’re good for me, help me stay in line. But sometimes the rules seem to exist just because they always have. And I don’t want to be someone who does stuff just because I’ve always done it that way. I did read “The Lottery” in high school after all.

For instance, last fall I decided to cut back on caffeine. It was hard but after a while I got myself off caffeine completely. But what started as a healthy attempt to cut back turned into a label I stuck on myself. “I don’t drink caffeine”. What’s the matter with a caffeinated drink every now any then? Why do I have to be so “all or nothing” about it?

It made me examine my reasons for this twice a week blog rule. The main reasons I like this rule are because 1) I really like to write and it’s a creative outlet for me to do so, 2) I like to connect with bloggers and writing is a great method for this, 3) I really like to get comments on my blog and keeping new material is the best way to ensure those rolling in.

Then I was able to dismiss each reason. 1) I love to write but I had written a lot last week anyway. I have some intense (unbloggable) things going on in real life right now, and I write in a personal journal about those. Plus I wrote some long emails to a friend last week – things that needed to be said but were hard to put into words. 2) I connected with people through the internet last week, they just weren’t in the yoga blogging circle, so that’s okay and 3) the comments thing is just silly!

So I have decided that sometimes it’s okay to break my own rules. And I am giving up the twice a week rule for the rest of the year. Maybe I’ll post twice a week, maybe I’ll post a hundred times a week, maybe a week will go by when I don’t post. While dealing with my unbloggable issues, I have decided there are enough rules in my life right now. : )


Giveaway winner + celebrations

The winner of the Ultima giveaway is my dear friend Namaste-Heather! Heather is also having a giveaway that sounds amazing, so head on over to her blog and enter! Heather, send me an email with your address and I’ll pass it on to the Ultima folks.

Also, sometime in the whirlwind that was last week, I had my 100th post and didn’t even realize it. I also celebrated my second wedding anniversary with my hubby on Monday. Happy Anniversary to us, and Happy belated 100th post to my blog.

summer in Central IL

Happy Anniversary to us

Have a wonderful week and enjoy what is left of summer!


My favorite spam comments

Oh spam. Most of the spam comments I get here are crude and worthless, but some are worth a laugh. One day, Miley Cyrus left me a comment! (cue rolling of the eyes) I also particularly loved the one that was just a list of about 1,000 printer model numbers.

Here are some of my other favorite spam comments:

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  • Really sweet, I like do it yourself ideas. I’ve learned so much through doing my very own Do-it-yourself projects through the years, as well as ended up saving multitudes of money too :)
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  • The chief complaint of most freak out assault sufferers may be the loss of manage they encounter during panic episodes. The irrational fear during these attacks, coupled with the host of frightening actual symptoms they encounter can make it really feel like the walls are closing in and they’re powerless to cease it.
  • You’re a lot more concerned about the state you’re in NOW than what might have triggered it All you want is to become free from the fear that’s holding you back from moving forward.
  • I have to say that jamieonthemat.wordpress.com is really a good website
  • This is the greatest nonsenese I ever heared off.
  • You need to collect more stuff, dude.

Oh the joys of blogging. Happy weekend!


Facebook, ahimsa, and love

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” -Plato

Lately, I’ve been thinking about ahimsa, (doing no harm) as it pertains to our words.

Those of you who follow me on twitter know I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with facebook lately. I have been an avid fan of facebook since it launched in 2004, and I love keeping up with my friends. But life has put me in a delicate place the past six months, and day after day I’ve been hurt by things I’ve seen on the ‘book.

None of the things causing me pain have been mean-spirited, and the writers almost certainly have no clue that they’re hurting me. They are simply sharing their lives, which is what social networking is all about, anyway.

The problem is not them, it’s me, and so I’ve withdrawn from facebook for a while until I can stop being so hypersensitive and emotional (does that ever happen?).

Image from Art Asana, one of my new favorite websites: http://elizalynntobin.blogspot.com/

But it made me wonder…whom do I harm, indirectly, with my words? Because I put a lot of words out there every day: spoken word, email, social networking, texting, and of course this blog.

When I say seemingly innocuous things, is there someone out there wishing, just for once, that I could see it from their point of view? When I write about how much I love my dogs, is someone mourning the loss of their favorite pet? When I complain about waking up for work in the morning, is someone wishing fervently for employment? Do my words pour salt into the wound, and cause pain?

No matter what the intent behind our words, the impact can be out of our control. Even when you put love into the world…love can cause heartache.

Of course, there’s no way around this without withdrawing completely from the world and refusing to communicate, which isn’t practical for a born communicator like me. So I have no answers. But, like everything else, awareness is the first step.

What have you been hurt by, that no one dreamed could be hurtful?


PS- today after final relaxation, my teacher said this: Find something inside you that’s been struggling, and make it right. And if you can’t make it right, make it easy. And if you don’t know how to make it easy, take it one step at a time – one breath at a time. I had to wipe the tears from my eyes : )