A letter to this blog

Dear blog,

I’m here to extend my sincere apologies for neglecting you so thoroughly lately. I know it’s the holidays and you’re probably lonely. I want you to know that I do still care about you and I hope that we can be together again someday.

I need some time alone. Life is crazy, hectic, and full of extreme ups and downs. I am still teaching and practicing yoga and still pursuing my 200RYT. But I have run out of words about yoga. For now. They will come back someday and then we will be reunited. It will exceed all of our hopes and dreams.

I have been doing a lot of writing lately. Not about yoga, but about life and the things I am currently dealing with. Like yoga, writing lessens my load and someday I will look back on my current situation as a period of growth. Like yoga, I know you will always be here for me when I’m ready to write again.

But for now, I am focusing on myself and my dear Andy, and that requires me to withdraw just a bit from the blog world.

Happy holidays to you, my dear blog. Thanks for being my friend for the past year.



6 responses to “A letter to this blog

  1. Hugs! Take care of yourself and Andy. I hope you both have a lovely holiday season. xoxo

  2. No Jamie – THANK YOU! We will look forward to hearing from you again through “On the Mat” but until then a few of the lucky ones will get to be involved with you in your personal life (ME!) love you – Aunt Chris

  3. Take care of you and Andy Jamie, if this is your yoga off the mat for now then so be it :) *love and hugs*, have a beautiful holiday season.

  4. Dear Jamie,

    I understand your need to take time apart. Sometimes I am too attractive for my own good. Know that I will be sending you warmth + good energy and will look forward to your return to me. I am here for you. Don’t forget our long walks on the beach, my awesome foot massages, and how good my baking is. It will all be waiting for you when you come back. See you soon, my dear.

    With Love,

    Your Blog :)

  5. Please consider giving us Jamie-while-brushing-her-teeth or something- just some small updates through muffled mornings. ??! Is this too needy? I am kinda selfish…I know, but I was falling in love with your blog so it’s hard to think that it won’t be there.

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