YTT continues

First, I just want to say thank you all for your support and encouragement on my last post. It means a lot. : )

Back to yoga.

This weekend I re-trained YogaFit Level 1, as required by the 200 RYT program. I was the only re-training participant, so I was with 9 newbies the whole time.

I took Level 1 for the first time last October, so it’s been almost exactly a year. It was interesting to notice the differences in my body and my personality.

First, I have gained a lot of strength. I remember feeling physically wiped out last year from the classes and the pose breakdowns. I feel fine today. I am stronger and I have also learned to pace myself for long yoga weekends now that I’ve been to a few.

Second, I was pleased to find out how many anatomy terms and concepts I remembered and could apply from my Anatomy and Alignment training in July. And I thought that stuff was all going over my head!

Third, I realized how comfortable I have gotten with teaching in the past year. I remember being terrified with the idea of team teaching last year, and this year team teaching was a breeze — I hardly even had to prepare. It really does become natural.

So overall, an encouraging weekend. : ) It’s exciting to think about where I will be next year at this time!

This Thursday my 8-week session of “No Fear Yoga” starts. This is yoga aimed at the “ultimate beginner” with no experience at all. I’m planning lots of slow flow for the first class. Shall be fun!



8 responses to “YTT continues

  1. I wish this ultimate beginner could go to your classes!

  2. No fear yoga!!! Love it!

  3. I’d also love to get the opportunity to go to your class, Jamie. How about a beginner class when I am home at Christmas??

  4. I am SO looking forward to yoga on Thursday!! Trust me, I need it. Isn’t it amazing how much progress you’ve made in just a year?!

  5. I’m really looking forward to No Fear Thursdays! I already have my bag ready by the door and it’s only Monday morning. (I really need to get out more.. separate from family and work.)

  6. “No Fear Yoga”, I love this!

  7. I have to give Andy credit here – he came up with “No Fear Yoga” : )

  8. This was such an encouraging post to read. I’m in my 4th week of YTT training and sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with all the anatomy and terminology. I know that I will look back a year from now and marvel at my knowledge and increased strength.
    No Fear – is such an important message in yoga – especially for beginners – so your class will Rock! Please follow up and let us know the feedback you get on it!

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