Hip-opening, back bending sequence

I taught my third class with my private client, K, tonight. It went so well! I’m really enjoying getting to know her, and she didn’t even blink when I lead her into urdvha dhanurasana.

I particularly enjoyed this sequence because I felt it really opened my hips and loosened up my back. It has a nice balance of hip openers and backbends. I actually fit this all into an hour, it didn’t feel rushed, and we had 13 minutes for savasana. Lovely. Enjoy! (repeat everything on the opposite side)

Easy seated pose
Neck/shoulder rolls
Fire log pose (agnistambhasana)
Fold forward over fire log
Easy seated pose
Lateral flexion
Half lord of the fishes (ardha matsyendrasana)
Seated pigeon pose
Cat/cow flows (marjaryasana/bitilasana)
Spinal balance -> floating bow pose
Child’s (balasana)
Low lunge (anjaneyasana)
Straighten front leg to stretch hamstring, flow in and out of low lunge
Pigeon (eka pada rajakapotasana)
Down dog (adho mukha svanasana)
Flow between down dog and plank
Flow between dolphin and plank
Locust (salambhasana)
Down dog -> Warrior I (virabhadrasana I)
Forward fold (uttanasana)
Tree (vrkasana)
Dancer (natarajasana)
Bridge (setu bandha sarvangasana)
Wheel (urdvha dhanurasana)
One legged wheel (eka pada urdvha dhanurasana)
Knees to chest
Spinal twist
Happy baby (ananda balasana)
Reclined butterfly (supta baddha konasana)



One response to “Hip-opening, back bending sequence

  1. I found your amazing blog thanks to Emma.
    Keep up the good spirit!

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