Veggie update – day 10

Well I just wrapped up my tenth day with no meat. So far, the experiment is going very well. To sum up what I’ve learned so far:

  • The only thing I miss about meat is the convenience of meat. It’s always readily available and ordering a meal with meat at a restaurant is very easy. Planning veggie meals takes more forethought and careful studying of the menu. I don’t miss the taste of meat at all, and I don’t feel like my diet is lacking anything.
  • There is always something vegetarian on the menu. Always. Sometimes it’s a plate of onion rings and hey, what a great excuse to eat onion rings for dinner! Other times it’s salad and hey, what a great excuse to be healthy instead of ordering a cheeseburger!
  • Things that I’m used to eating with chicken don’t need chicken. I made a perfectly delicious and filling stir fry at Flat Top Grill last weekend with just veggies and rice. I was surprised that the meal didn’t feel like it was “missing something”.
  • When eliminating a food group, it’s very important to pay attention to your diet. When you eat a meal of primarily carbs, you have to follow it up with some protein or else you’ll feel like crap later. Lesson learned.
  • Switching to a vegetarian diet instantly made me more health-conscious. There’s always that extra step in your brain when you see food: “Is there meat in that?” It only took a few hours for additional questions to follow: “What exactly is this made of?” I’ve been doing a lot better at cutting processed foods from my diet and eating more nuts and natural snacks. (Of course I just admitted that I ate onion rings for dinner so I’m not exactly the picture of health)

  • It would take me years to adjust to being vegan, and I don’t think I’d ever be happy. Although I love my vegan breakfast of almond milk over granola, I have very much enjoyed my cheese. How do you vegans do it?
  • I’ve tried some new yummy things I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. One highlight was the mango quesadillas I had tonight. YUM!

No decisions yet on if this is a permanent change or not. Maybe I’ll take it month by month for a while : )

Have a great weekend!



10 responses to “Veggie update – day 10

  1. Congrats!

    Did you try the veggie “meats” while you were at Flat Top? Personally I wish I could purchase their BBQ Veggie Tempeh for use at home. My girlfriend actually uses a clean meat bowl to put her veggie meat in. We also use a white stick to have our meals cooked in a clean wok based on the advice of a server one time. Apparently if the meals isn’t cooked by this method then it is cooked on the same surface where everyone elses meat is cooked.

    I went vegan cold turkey two years ago this December. The catalyst was “Skinny Bitch”, which looks like a diet book, but actually presents a well thought out argument for going vegan.

    As for the cheese thing. This is the number one reason I hear everyone use for not going vegan. As “Skiny Bitch” points out, the original intent of dairy is to turn a baby cow into a big cow. The reasons are numerous.

    While most vegan cheeses require a bit to be left to the imagination or are just plain gross. The latest product out on the market, Daiyu (pronounced Day-uh), is actually a really good facsimile.

    Kind Regards,

  2. Hey Jamie . . . Good for you and great observations! Can’t wait to hear how it all plays out!

  3. Good for you for experimenting with your diet. Eliminating foods for a while really tunes you in to the ways your body uses them. Very interesting.
    I was vegetarian for 10 years, vegan for nearly one of those, and just in the last 10 months have reintroduced poultry into my diet. I have found that by including meat in my diet, I actually eat less overall, and my energy levels are much more sustainable. No more crashing hard at the end of the day or feeling completely wiped after an intense practice. I think our nutritional needs change with our bodies and our lifestyles, so there’s no one diet right for everyone. As for the ethics of it, I have no answers, but knowing what our food is made of and where it comes from is an important step toward sustainable, conscientious eating.

  4. You said: How do Vegans do it? I have very much enjoyed my cheese.

    You can buy Vegan Cheese!!!! There ares some excellent replacements out there.

    Be careful with the cheese and diary though. When I went Vegetarian, I pretty much just replaced meat with cheese. Cheese is high in fat, causes mucus build up, is not easily digestible, results in weight gain and an overall heavy feeling in the body. It took me a while to drop out the dairy but it was easy and worth it.

    I am not saying it is necessary to be vegan, but as a vegetarian, your diet should still be primarily plant based. Pretty much almost Vegan.

    I will be writing a post on my blog about vegan recipe sources so you may want to check it out.


  5. something good to remember is that eating cheese is, usually, definitely not vegetarian. most cheeses use the stomach lining of cows as a solidifying agent.

    in the end, i think it comes down to giving your body what it feels best with on a long term basis. that might mean meat for some, but not for others. it’s good to experiment, play around, and see how you feel at your best. good luck!

  6. So funny I just posted about going vegan this morning! That is awesome that you have decided to cut out meat for 30 days. It’s worth it. I know for me the change has been huge. I have been vegan for almost two years now and love it. You are right, you do get more health conscious, immediately.
    Stay on the path. One bit of advice, though, eat more fruit. When I went vegan I went 100% raw vegan for a 30 day challenge. That 30 day challenge turned into a year and a half of absolute bliss. I discovered that you have to eat A LOT of fruit to thrive… like for breakfast I had a whole honeydew melon. Best way to start a day is with a breakfast of fruit. . Fruit calories are the best possible calories for our bodies.
    Going Vegan increases your personal power in so many ways: mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Eat the good stuff and you will feel and do great.

  7. you could always do “flexitarian” in the long run if you’re not sure about sustaining it. mainly veg with meat 1-4x monthly (or whatever.. thats where the “flex”ible comes in).
    Good to know about rennet. Ew.
    Also research your wines carefully…

    I was pescatarian for 9 months (ate fish but no other meat) before finally cutting it out. I think I will eventually go mainly vegan but I’m one of those people who does things sloooooowly.
    Love that you’re loving it!

  8. Yay for experimenting and discovering new stuff!
    As for cheese and dairy, i’ve cut back significantly but not completely, I tend to go for one serving a day max, when I feel like it. I couldn’t go completely vegan either, but I choose organic yogurt and cheese. I also check the rennet thing, but the origin of it is not always clearly written on labels, tough one!

    Can’t wait to read how it goes!

  9. Ooh, I love to hear about other people trying out veggie diets! I’ve been vegetarian for almost three years now and I feel amazing. As for the vegan thing, I recently stopped eating eggs but haven’t given up dairy yet. When I first went vegetarian my thought was, “I’ll never go vegan because I couldn’t deal with it and it’s just way too picky and unreasonable anyway.” But more recently I’ve found that having given up meat, other animal products have slowly stopped appearing appetizing to me. Now I will sometimes go days without any animal products and without even realizing it! It’s just a frame of mind, I think; I’d stopped eating meat, and in my research & discovery that went along with that it’s started to seem that veganism is just a logical step.

    I decided to give up eggs because I read Jonathan Safran Foer’s “Eating Animals” and was appalled/disgusted by the practices surrounding poultry “farms.” I eat very little dairy but I expect that in a couple of years or so I’ll probably give that up too. For now it’s just a matter of seeing how I feel, I guess!

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