Quick review: prAna Natural Yoga Mat

A few weeks ago I received my new prAna Natural Yoga Mat in the mail.

I love this mat. It is sticky enough and just slightly larger than normal mats, without being a complete behemoth. I have been using it exclusively and I’m a huge fan.

My new mat is made out of rubber, which is more sustainable and biodegrades more easily than mats made of PVC or TPE. It is a beautiful shade of purple (my favorite color!), so it’s easy on the eyes and on the earth.

Some of my blog friends had already prepared me that the mat would smell bad when I first got it, and boy were they right! It was overwhelmingly stinky. I let it air out, unrolled, for about three days before I used it, and that made a world of difference. I don’t notice a smell at all anymore.

If I were allowed one complaint about the new mat, it would be that it is very heavy. I know what you’re thinking – “How could a yoga mat be heavy?” It doesn’t look heavy and it’s just a yoga mat, for crying out loud. But when I tell people it’s heavy and then let them hold it they always look at me in shock, like they hadn’t believed me and had been thinking I was just a weakling. It’s heavy. Not a good mat to travel with, and it wears me out (just a little) carrying it up two flights of stars to the room where I teach on Sundays and Thursdays.

But the benefit of the mat being heavy is that once you unroll it, it’s staying put. You’re not likely to wrinkle it up during your practice, and I love that. All in all I give this mat an A+!


PS- coming soon, a list of lessons I have learned during my first week of vegetarianism. : )


4 responses to “Quick review: prAna Natural Yoga Mat

  1. I have this mat too and I love it!!! But I confess, I use my old mat for teaching and traveling. This mat rocks out at 8lbs!!

    My only complaint is that it’s still a bit slippy when my feet sweat… Compared to rock-solid grippy every other time. Some people are just never happy eh? I do still come out of practice smelling of rubber on my hands and feet though lol!

  2. So glad the new mat is working out for you hon! I’m loving my PROlite too. I think the slippy feel will be less as you wear it in a little more.

  3. Whoops, just realised I replied to part your post and then LaGitane’s comment. I hope that made sense.

  4. Hey Jaime,

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the mat. Not only is it part of your practice but it it is building muscle mass from carrying it!lol

    Seriously, glad to hear it is working out. I also am a recent convert to vegetarianism although I just learned that since I still eat fish I am a “pescadarian”. I am curious to hear your thoughts because the change was a difficult one for me at first but now I am getting the hang of it.

    Cheers! Andre @ prAna

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