My crazy schedule: finding balance off the mat

My teaching life is getting very exciting these days. Maybe some of you out there are wondering: “Jamie, are you super woman? How do you teach yoga and hold down a full-time job, friends, a marriage, a house and two dogs?” Well, I will attempt to answer that here.

For the past several months I have taught my private class with 2-6 ladies here in town on Sundays and Thursdays, and at the gym on Wednesdays and the occassional Saturday. I take yoga on Mondays nights. It was a schedule that worked great, leaving me all of Tuesday night to myself.

Then I had a very exciting opportunity fall into my lap: teaching through the Bloomington Parks and Recreation department for the fall (if you’re in the area, check out the link on the right hand side). It meant a lot more exposure and came with the potential to turn long-term. Of course, I jumped on it. I set up the class on Thursdays, which would mean I’d teach twice on Thursday evenings. That was fine, but something had to go.

Realistically, I realized I had to drop the gym. Although the ladies there are lovely, I also drooled at the idea of having Wednesday night free. It’s a much-needed “break” night in the middle of the week. Also, since I have such little time to devote to teaching while I try to find a balance with working full-time, I had to look at it in black and white. The gym pays me less and gives me access to a smaller sector of people.

So my last class at the gym will be September 1. My Bloomington Parks and Rec class starts on October 7, so I gave myself a nice break, teaching only twice a week, hoping to pursue taking more classes myself in that time. Or so I thought…

Then I got an exciting email from a colleague of Andy’s requesting one-on-one private lessons every other week on Tuesdays. If she had requested weekly, I would have had to consider turning her down. I had just dropped the gym and here I was adding another class? But bi-weekly is perfect because it gives me “off weeks” that I can see myself desperately needing.

So heading into the fall, it looks like this:

Sunday: 7:30 private group class
Monday: 5:30 take yoga class
Every other Tuesday: 7:30 one-on-one class
Wednesday: break day
Thursday: 5:30 Parks and Rec class, 7:30 private group class
Friday: break
Saturday: break

I will be busy for sure, but I think I’ve found a nice balance. In my “off” month of September I hope to show my face at the only (!) studio in Bloomington-Normal. I’m ashamed to admit that I have only been there once, it was a few years ago, and the class didn’t rock my world so I never went back. I think now is the time to correct that.

How do you find balance in your hectic, busy lives?


PS- stay turned, tomorrow I’ll be talking about my first one-on-one session, with my new client, K.


5 responses to “My crazy schedule: finding balance off the mat

  1. I guess it all comes down to planning while still leaving a little room for the unexpected, this is truly an art!
    Congratulations on your new gig, it is indeed exciting! Can’t wait to hear how your private class went.

  2. Yay for the new teaching opportunities! I hear ya about scheduling. I am teaching so many classes right now…eek. But, I’ve arranged to have a week off around Labor Day and am really looking forward to it!

  3. Ooooooh! One-on-ones are wonderful! Yay for you. Isn’t it funny how we all blog in cycles? I just wrote yesterday about finding balance and the ups/downs in my teaching right now. I am super happy for you!

    On a side note, I got the Ultima Replenisher yesterday and had a glass this morning. Yummy! Thank you so much!

  4. oh to be young and energetic! i am jealous!

  5. oh gosh, I am still working on the balance! I am really overloaded right now between my new “day” job, teaching kids yoga and my practice classes this month (to be “real” paid classes next month!) and also taking a uni course in the fall. Oh yeah, and the half marathon training. I think I’ll be unbalanced for a few more months until I figure out what to drop (and knock off a few of my post-training projects!) I need to start meditating to 10 mins a day to keep calm and collected :)
    Congrats on the new classes!

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