Confessions of a very real yogini (footnotes version)

It’s been a while since I did a confessions post. Rachel over at Suburban Yogini did one recently, and it reminded me of some things I need to get off my chest and confess ; )

  • I am a very bendy person, but I can’t credit it all to my hard work in yoga. Yoga has greatly increased my flexibility, but I have been bendy my whole life.
  • Ironically, I have also been un-athletic my whole life.*
  • I don’t get on the mat every day. I don’t even want to.**
  • I strongly believe in yoga and all it has to offer, but I also have feet firmly rooted in the non-yoga world. Sometime I crack jokes about unleashing my kundalini on Andy. You’ve got to have a sense of humor about life.
  • I know yoga is not about the asana and the ego, but there is a certain joyful pride I feel when I reach a new milestone in my practice. It’s an incredible feeling and I don’t ever want it to go away.
  • I am not a vegetarian. I very rarely eat red meat but I eat a lot of chicken.***
  • I love refined sugar. Cookies, ice cream, all of it. Yum.
  • I spent all of middle school, high school, and college with extremely low self-esteem and body image. I still have bad days now and then but I’m finally pulling out of that funk. Thank you yoga!
  • I do not have that calm, inner peace glow that I see in a lot of yogis. I am sarcastic and often biting in my humor. I can’t decide if I want to work on this or not.
  • I am someone who is, by nature, very tightly wound. I’m trying desparately to find a balance between lightening up a bit and accepting myself.
  • I have a lot to learn.

*In school we always had to do the presidential fitness test which included lots of torture like running a mile, sit ups, pull ups on a bar, etc. The only one I ever met the “president’s” standards on was the “sit and reach”.

**Sometimes it feels like yoga to just lie on the floor and snuggle my dogs, or spend quality time with my hubby.

***I entertain hopes of someday being a vegetarian, but I think it would put a big strain on my marriage — especially since I want no part of cooking, ever. So for now we try to buy meat that is antibiotic and hormone-free as much as possible. I have yet to find a non-hypocritical way to reconcile the animal lover inside my heart (who can hardly watch her cousins catch a fish) with the chicken lover inside my stomach (who is often drooling).

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Need to make a confession? The comments section is ready for you. Come on, you’ll feel better afterwards. : )



7 responses to “Confessions of a very real yogini (footnotes version)

  1. Love it! I make jokes about unleashing Kundalini all the time. You have to keep your feet in the real world too. And the body image stuff? Yeah, I can relate to that too….

    Lots of love x

  2. Confession: I have never, in my entire life, been able to do a single pull up. Not one. Ever. And considering my physical fitness level is probably not going to skyrocket anytime soon, I will most likely die without having ever successfully completed a pull up, lol.

    But you know what- some of those people that got “Presidential” on every one of those damn tests also still say “your” when they mean “you’re.” So whatever, my junior high PE teacher that mocked and then proceeded to jiggle my “grandma arms” can shove it…. :p

  3. what a wonderful post!
    i like it that you aren’t sure if you want to work on it or not.


  4. Keep the biting humor. That’s my two cents :D

  5. Love this post!

    Confession: I am not bendy, never have been, and although yoga has tremendously improved my flexibility, the day I get my foot behind my head will be the day I die from a heart attack due to utter and sheer surprise.
    I also have the biting humor, not sure I’ll be able to give that up and if I really want to, so out of solidarity, just like Babs, I’ll say keep the biting humor :-)

  6. Oh, sit and reach, my best “presidential” test, too! Meanwhile, pull-ups were my worst… and haven’t got much better, haha :D

    I’m glad you brought up “that calm, inner peace glow ” of yogis. I have it for 30 minutes, max, after yoga class, and that’s it! I always wondered whether that was normal :D

    This post makes me smile so much, Jamie :D Thanks for sharing!!

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