Giveaway Goodness

A few weeks ago I won this awesome reusable bag through a giveaway over at My Yoga Life. Inside is a full-sized reusable bag that you can use to transport purchases of any kind, or while you travel.

I have loved using this bag. The best part is that it packages up so tiny that I can carry it in my purse. No more forgetting your reusable bag! Thanks Callah!

In the spirit of giveaway, I’m here to announce my own. Following in the footsteps of a couple other esteemed bloggers, I’m giving away samples of Ultima Replenisher:

The lovely people at Ultima sent me some samples to try. Ultima is a vegan, gluten-free, organic electrolyte replenisher in the vein of Gatorade, but without all the sugar and yucky things. But you hear all about my opinion here, so let’s hear instead from my friend and co-worker Leeann. Leeann said:

I was surprised that it doesn’t have a “diet” taste or aftertaste, which I can detect from a mile away (like in Gatorade G2.) If this product does all that it claims, I would consider using it to replenish hydration and electrolytes after I work out.

She also added that it tastes vaguely like Flintstone vitamins. And who doesn’t like Flintstone vitamins?!

So in order to win a sample of Ultima Replenisher, leave a comment with something you love about these hot summer days!



8 responses to “Giveaway Goodness

  1. Something that I love about these hot summer days? well, to be honest, I am looking forward greatly to the Fall (I am in Fl and it’s pretty unbearable at times), but what i love about this summer is spending time with my boyfriend and training for my triathlon.

  2. I haven’t tried it, so maybe I’ll win and then I can! I’m getting ready to do giveaway, too, in a few more posts! Stay tuned. Hope you are well!

  3. so glad you like it :) (not an entry lol!)

  4. I am thrilled with summer because, being from New England, it means that I can put away the boots, gloves, hat, and heavy jacket for at least a few months. FREEDOM!!

  5. Hey Jamie:

    No need to enter me in the contest because I drink plain ol’ pure H20 but I must comment on the bag within the miniature bag:

    Do you fold it up teeny tiny? Or do you just crumple it up and stuff it in? Does it matter? Does either behavior reveal something about the bag user, like a Rorschach test?


  6. I love being able to practice “heated” yoga OUTSIDE! Much more environmentally friendly to let the sun warm the air that gives your body an extra detox instead of turning on electric heaters inside. Yeah!

    PS My favorite way to rehydrate in the hot summer months is coconut water! Tons of electrolytes comin’ at ya when you re-charge with this stuff.

  7. The sun on my shoulders, the wild brush bent in the breeze, long walks seemingly on the edge of the world overlooking the beauty of the San Francisco bay. Ahhh, radiant Summer, if you could never end…

  8. My favorite part of summer? How much time it feels like there is at the end of the day! When I come home from work during the summer months, I feel energized and alert and ready to do something! During the winter, it’s amazing how that shifts into coming home & just… crashing.

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