My favorite spam comments

Oh spam. Most of the spam comments I get here are crude and worthless, but some are worth a laugh. One day, Miley Cyrus left me a comment! (cue rolling of the eyes) I also particularly loved the one that was just a list of about 1,000 printer model numbers.

Here are some of my other favorite spam comments:

  • A excellent washboard is one of individuals long cherished body qualities that numerous a gym goer desires. A whole industry has been produced close to this topic. Unfortunately, like a lot of the mainstream information available, the truth has been hidden from you, the general public in buy to maintain you within the dark and on a never ending cycle. They do this which means you will continue to make use of their items. But never see the results you would like.
  • Really sweet, I like do it yourself ideas. I’ve learned so much through doing my very own Do-it-yourself projects through the years, as well as ended up saving multitudes of money too :)
  • Test Attach,occasion proportion kill sexual significance able pocket flower person growth debt such absence slightly even now achievement air near sea east health central item left south save instance phone for high bridge court themselves wear call housing circle early family into its spend whole clear his duty where previously depend long supply tell last overall through vote emphasis draw display notice where concern experiment should latter together daughter fire trust light air company defendant necessary step care writer right clean subject star west means right education early prospect our survey
  • The chief complaint of most freak out assault sufferers may be the loss of manage they encounter during panic episodes. The irrational fear during these attacks, coupled with the host of frightening actual symptoms they encounter can make it really feel like the walls are closing in and they’re powerless to cease it.
  • You’re a lot more concerned about the state you’re in NOW than what might have triggered it All you want is to become free from the fear that’s holding you back from moving forward.
  • I have to say that is really a good website
  • This is the greatest nonsenese I ever heared off.
  • You need to collect more stuff, dude.

Oh the joys of blogging. Happy weekend!



4 responses to “My favorite spam comments

  1. oh! the third one! the third one! my favorite :)

  2. The bane of blogging! I get 2-3 every post and I have the word verification tool on. Sigh. Just be sure to delete them just as quickly so they don’t get hits.

  3. How did I not know you’d moved to your own URL? I thought I hadn’t seen you in a reader recently! Just catching up.

    I love these. I have a phenomenal spam filter (the joy of self hosting, it costs money but it means the spam goes elsewhere), and every now and then I look in the spam file and it’s hilarious I have had that “Do it yourself” one at some point I’m sure :)

    • Uh oh! I tested it out when I did it, and I didn’t think it would affect any reader settings! Darnit. Well thanks for finding me again! : )

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