So you teach yoga, huh?

I have been surpised in the past few months by how many people find out I’m a yoga teacher. It comes up in conversation much more than I had expected.

I have told co-workers, grocery story cashiers, my dental hygienist, the woman who put me under for my wisdom teeth extraction, one of the VPs of the company I work for, etc, etc, all without necessarily meaning to. I have experienced a wide variety of responses to the conversation.

Here are some I’ve heard more than once:

  • Oh, yoga, my wife does that.
  • I used to do yoga but I stopped.
  • Yoga, huh? Would that stop my back from hurting?
  • I’m not flexible enough to do yoga.
  • So can you put your foot behind your head?
  • I’m too arthritic to do yoga.
  • I don’t like hippies.
  • Would that help me with my balance?
  • Does that make you more coordinated?
  • In high school I could stand on my head.
  • I’m too old for that.
  • I hate the yoga parts of P90X.
  • So is that like pilates?
  • If I come to your class, you’re not going to take photos of me, are you?
  • So I guess you’re a vegetarian then.
  • Have you gone to India?

And here are a few unique responses that I especially loved:

  • My wife does yoga in the living room with a DVD, and I poke her and try to make her fall over. She gets mad at me.
  • I went to a yoga class once and I had to leave the room to throw up.
  • I’m not putting on spandex and bending in those positions in front of people.

And today I got this one, which was a first:

No wonder you’re so calm and centered.

I guess my life’s work is complete : )

Namaste, and happy weekend. What do people say when they find out you’re a yogi/ni?


8 responses to “So you teach yoga, huh?

  1. I get a lot of: “i need to start going to yoga”

  2. Awesome post! People are so very interesting.

    I don’t have any responses that come to mind, but I will say that some friends of mine apparently found my posting semi-regularly about going to yoga and other related things on FB … annoying? obnoxious? … not sure but they created a faux “drinking game” wherein they supposedly drink whenever I mention it on there.

    It bugged me but I decided to own it by posting about the drinking game, which backfired a bit as it just got other nice people involved, thinking that I found it funny. But really it had been a little bit hurtful (I don’t drink whenever the friends in question post song quotes, or talk about their daughter, for instance). It also made me wonder if I come across as “superior” in tone on FB sometimes. Eventually, as with most things like that, I was able to let it mostly roll off (the hurt and the worry about my tone).

    That wasn’t at all an answer to your question, but I thought I’d share anyway! Have a great weekend, Jamie.

  3. Yeah, like Emma, I get a lot of “yeah, I should start or start again” and they ask where I teach. I think lots of people have misconceptions about it, which is where WE come in! Enjoy your weekend, girlie!

  4. I LOVE the pokey one!!! LOL

  5. This is a great/interesting post, Jamie! I’ve had a similar list of responses about being a yoga teacher and about being an artist…the one I had to get over the most was this one:
    I had an art exhibit/show thing recently where a woman was talking with me, asking me questions about what I did and I told her that I was in grad school, working as an artist and teaching yoga…then she asked what my husband did and I told her, and her response was, “oh, so he’s the one with THE job, that’s good.” I was floored and didn’t know what to say and was subsequently upset…Finally I realized I had to just let it go and keep steady in the knowing that I’m doing what I’m doing because I’m following my heart. Not everybody is going to understand that and that’s gotta be ok.

  6. Best one I ever had was “Oh that explains it” closely followed by “yes you can tell”.


  7. bahahaha. ‘I don’t like hippies’


  8. I love how people are so clueless to what a “hippie” is. So many times, if you do yoga, or are a vegetarian, or wear birkenstocks, then you are labeled a hippie. I don’t take it as an insult, just think it’s funny.

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