Danville Area Yoga Retreat, part 2

Yesterday I attended the second Danville Area Yoga Retreat. I wrote about the first one here, where you can read about my love for Chuck Crosby (Indianapolis, IN) and Thom Adams (Terre Haute, IN). This time, I taught the first session of the day, and attended five classes. My grandma went with me – as many of you know, she took me to my very first yoga class several years ago.

It wasn’t until I was eating dinner with my parents afterwards that I realized all five classes I took were with male teachers — what a welcome change to my routine. Because I am a person who reads my favorite books and watches my favorite movies over and over again, it won’t surprise any of you that I took two Chuck classes and two Thom classes.

The two of them have completely different yet equally useful approaches to yoga. Thom practices in the Iyengar tradition, and his classes are like scientific pose workshops: demonstration, instruction, repeat. Chuck’s classes are Vinyasa style and you’re a hot sweaty mess when you get done, but wildly happy.

My last class of the day was with Steven Willett of the Living Yoga Center in Urbana, Illinois. I thoroughly enjoyed Steve’s class despite being massively tired. He led us through a strenous vinyasa class with focus on breath and chakra alignment, all without making us stand up. Steve is a very innovative, fun, charming man who is also dabbling in Acroyoga. I hope to make it to Champaign to take another class with him some day.

One take-away came from Thom, who focused in both classes on the importance of engaging through the back leg in Warriors I and II. I also got a mini individual workshop during a break, with Chuck and Steve both helping me with my down dog. I will write a post soon about the pleasure of adjustments, especially when you’re lucky enough to have four skilled hands on you at one time!

I learned so much yesterday and felt grateful all day long for the opportunity. I am also immensely thankful that I have nothing to do today until 7:30 when I teach. I have spent a lot of time this morning relaxing in bed with my current book. : )



3 responses to “Danville Area Yoga Retreat, part 2

  1. Marva Fitzwater-Moore


    It was so nice to met you yesterday. I just love yoga and everything that comes with it. It was so nice to meet and chat with all of the instructors and attendees at the Danville Yoga Retreat.
    Best wishes to you in your yoga journey!


  2. Grandmothers are the best. Beautiful and sacred.

  3. What an awesome photo, Jamie! I’m so glad you enjoyed the retreat. I’d love to hear more about the class you taught!

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