Input: Danville Area Yoga Retreat

Thanks so much for your comments and birthday wishes yesterday. It was a delightful day made even more enjoyable by your kind thoughts. : )

I am teaching at the Danville Area Yoga Retreat this Saturday and I am extremely excited. I am also getting increasingly nervous.

I don’t know what to expect as far as class size and ability. Since I started teaching at the gym, I have gotten better at sizing up the capabilities of my students and offering pertinent modifications, but I have only taught to 8 or fewer people in this way. I should probably be prepared for far more this weekend.

So the quintessential question is: how do I keep the advanced students entertained without overwhelming the beginners?

I have lots of pose modifications in my brain, plus my blanket “only do what feels right” statement, which I squeeze in several times within an hour. But I need to decide on my overall approach to the class.

Because I love your advice and have always wanted a reason to include a poll, here you go. : )



One response to “Input: Danville Area Yoga Retreat

  1. also, check out svasti’s blog for her thoughts, and tons of comments, about beginning to teach!

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