My life in photos

Today is my birthday and I decided to celebrate with you by sharing a LOT of photos! Here goes.

It all started with my mom and dad

then I was born, and I was a quite charming toddler/child. At least I think so – you can decide for yourself.

Then my sister, Jenna, was born.

I loved school and always got good grades.

I broke my wrist in second grade and had to bathe myself in this manner, and I went to Disney World the same year.

I went through a bit of an awkward stage towards the end of elementary school, and then entered a vortex of the junior high years where I successfully avoided cameras.

I started high school, and went to lots of dances. Apparently, judging by the expression on my face, I barely tolerated my sister.

My two best friends in school were Emily and Amy, here I am with them (I’m in the middle)

Then I started college (I’m on the left)

I had lots of fun with friends at home on college breaks,

and lots of fun with college friends while at school.

Then…dun dun duh…I got together with a wonderful man named Andy, my last year of college. Here we are at a toga party.

And one night, he proposed!

We graduated college the next month.

then we had a beautiful wedding and went on a fabulous honeymoon together

We moved out of our apartment and into our first home together.

Along the way we added two furry family members, Izzy and Rocky.

Two years later, we are still going strong.

I still have those friends from school (here we are at Amy’s wedding last weekend). All three of us are married and living in three separate states.

And I have made more great friends along the way (and if any of them dislike their picture, they can ask me to take it down).

and life is good. : )

Also, in honor of my birthday, I did a little research on my astrological sign, Cancer. I never gave much thought to astrology, but I have to say that some of it sounds right:

Cancer is the fourth sign of the astrological year and is known by its astrological symbol, the Crab. Cancer individuals are intelligent, organized, generous, home-loving, and tenacious. They are also devoted to family members and provide enormous emotional support.

The Cancer woman has a strong maternal instinct and the desire to make her home a place of domestic bliss. They have great loyalty to family members and close ties to their mothers. They also have a large circle of friends and associates. The typical Cancer woman looks beyond her career or home-centered activities to find interests through which she can contribute to others.

With their gentle and caring spirit, Cancerians are the ones to whom others turn with problems, worries, and life-choice concerns. Despite their ability to support and nurture their pals, they do not make friends easily. This may be because they take friendship seriously and don’t bother to indulge superficial associations. They are often shy people who wait for friendships to develop instead of actively pursuing them. (source)

Happy Birthday to me!



23 responses to “My life in photos

  1. Happy birthday dear girl, have a great day.

    What a wonderful photo post (and unlike my timeline you haven’t given your age away!)

    Himself is also called Andy.

  2. wow, you really look like you did as a kid. except your posture is way better than in that bathtub photo!

  3. sniff sniff beautiful. Happy Birthday, Jamie!

  4. Happy Birthday! Great photos – brought some tears to my eyes, and I don’t even know you!

  5. Beautiful! Just as I remember it! Happy birthday my dear!

  6. I think if your sign is cancer you should at least get to have a better symbol than a crab. something like a butterfly or cute little puppy. At least your birthstone is ruby!

  7. Happy birthday Jamie, have a wonderful day / year / life!

  8. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! Your MOM is the BEST!!!!

  9. beautiful! happy birthday my new friend. may your day be blessed!

  10. This is an awesome post, Jamie! Thanks so much for sharing. Enjoy your birthday, and namaste!

  11. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT. :)

    Love the timeline in photos!

    Also- weird how you, Rachel and I all have significant others whose names are “Andrew”-Andy.



  12. Very sweet pictures! :) You have had, and continue to have, a wonderful life, my dear!

  13. How Cute!!! Thanks for sharing! that is a very cute idea! :) Happy birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday! Imagine my surprise, seeing my picture on there- I am honored to have made the infamous blog!

  15. This is awesome! I love seeing you grow up. Thanks for sharing.

  16. happy birthday :) love the pics!!

  17. Happy Birthday!! And thanks for sharing the lovely pics! (We honeymooned in the same place, I do believe.)

    Hope you had a wonderful day – thinking of you. :)

  18. Happy birthday!!! These are gorgeous photos, this nearly brought a tear to my eye. Hope your next year is as fabulous as all of these ones!

  19. Happy Belated Birthday, Ms. Jamie! Hope it was fabulous! What a wonderful tribute to celebrate your life in pictures & truly you haven’t aged over the years!

  20. I didn’t even know this existed! I’m impressed but why are you not writing professionally?

  21. What a great post! I enjoyed it. :-) And thank you for including my picture. I love that picture of the 3 of us!

  22. Aww, what a gorgeous way to celebrate *you* – happy belated birthday! Thanks for sharing something so personal :-)

  23. Jamie: great post…I love your idea of sharing photos of your life on your birthday!!!

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