Isabelle and the Blue Ball

This is Izzy and this is her blue ball.

aren't I beautiful?

This is the third blue ball exactly like this that we have bought for Izzy. Andy picked up the first one at Meijer because it was on sale. Izzy fell madly in love. Instantly. She took it to bed with her, carried it in her mouth when we went on walks, and constantly pestered us to throw it for her. Then, our dog friend Niko (of the extremely tiny, sharp, needle-y teeth variety) came to visit and ripped a hole in the ball.

The whole household mourned the loss of the blue ball. We searched high and low but couldn’t find a duplicate.

We found other similar balls, other kinds of spiky balls, other really fun balls, but Izzy knew that none of them were the blue ball.

Enter ball number two, found miraculously at Petco. The same story repeats.

Enter ball number three, pictured. Since we located this replacement ball two weeks ago, I have yet to see my dog without the ball nearby. I cannot figure out what it is about this ball that makes her so happy. Every time she gets a new one, it’s like she’s reunited with a long lost best friend. In fact, I am throwing the ball for her as I sit on the couch and write this very post.

even when I'm playing with other toys, the blue ball is nearby

Now I know that dogs are not people, and dogs do not have thoughts like people do. But it did make me wonder: if Izzy could talk, if she could explain it to me, what would she say about this blue ball? What makes it so special?

Do we ever know why we love certain things with such an intensity? Why do I consider certain photos, certain yoga classes, certain people as precious as I do? Sometimes I have concrete reasons, but sometimes I don’t. Sometimes something makes me happy just because it does.

My dogs make me happy, and the blue ball makes Izzy happy. So we will travel the world to replace this blue ball if we need to. Somewhere in there is a lesson about generosity and the nature of happiness.

Thanks, Izzy for being such a good teacher.

gazing lovingly at the blue ball



12 responses to “Isabelle and the Blue Ball

  1. i dont know… sounds like she may have some blue ball attachment issues.

  2. The things we do for our furbabies is incredible! Isabelle is so so beautiful :)

  3. the next time Niko comes over hide the blue ball. The next time you find one exactly like it, buy two. She is such a good dog she really deserves her blue ball happiness!

  4. Jamie: This story made me laugh out loud! :) I agree with martinamarie – please stock up on blue balls because Izzy’s happiness surely depends on it!

  5. How sweet :) The ball looks just like the two that I have for putting in the dryer with my down jacket to fluff it up after washing:

    I don’t know if they are safe for pets though.

  6. i love how even the “smallest” things in life can teach us such great lessons. And yes, stock up on the blue balls!

  7. We would totally stock up in the balls if we could, but we only ever find one at a time. They seem to always be marked down on clearance and there’s only one left, every time. I swear it’s all a cosmic joke : )

  8. awesome story!! what a cutie Izzy is :)
    Back to my readings now!!

  9. Izzy is so cute and such a great teacher of happiness! If I see any similar blue balls I will certainly send them your way..all the way from NZ!

  10. How adorable! It’s nice when simple things can bring so much joy. :) My cat is quite fond of a round black mouse on a string…

  11. What an adorable dog! If I ever come across one of these, I’ll buy it and send it to Izzy. Promise.

  12. I will check PSP to see if we have any blue balls like that!

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