California Day 3: Napa and Davis

Day 3 (see Day 1 here and Day 2 here)

Sunday morning we had a delicious French toast and raspberry breakfast, and headed to the Napa Valley.

We went Castello di Amorosa, to a winery that looked like an old castle, and I got kissed on the head by a lamb.

Then we went to the world-famous Bouchon bakery, a Thomas Keller restaurant, where I bought some treats for myself and some for my dogs (which they went crazy over). Laura showed me where she wants to have her wedding some day. We ate a late lunch at an Italian restaurant in Napa.

Sunday evening Laura went to an LSAT prep test at UC Davis, and I thought to myself “Hmmm, I’ll find a yoga studio in Davis and take a class!” Well I found several studios in Davis but only two that had class during my time frame. One was pre-natal and one was a Yoga/Bollywood dance class. Why not?

I got there really early and got to spend some time doing yoga privately in the deliciously air conditioned yoga studio while the teacher ran an errand. I also relaxed a bit and read some Harry Potter. Those 45 minutes were precious to an introvert like me.

The class itself was interesting, there really wasn’t much yoga – about 30 minutes split up before and after the dance class – but it was worth going and I had a lot of fun. I’m definitely not going to be a dancer in a Bollywood movie anytime soon, but it was a nice way to burn off some calories.

When we got home Sunday night my host and hostess had guests, which quickly turned into a raucous and hilarious party complete with lots of wine and champagne. Even though I had to rise at 5 to catch my plane, I enjoyed some partying myself. The flights home on Monday were uneventful and I slept a lot.

I miss California.



4 responses to “California Day 3: Napa and Davis

  1. That sounds like such fun! An interesting change anyways :) I’m sure I’d burn more calories just laughing at myself!

  2. ohhh Nappa valley looks gorgeous! so fun that you got kissed on the head by a lamb hehe.

    also- yay for you for taking a yoga-bollywood class, i wouldn’t have the guts- i am such a terrible dancer :)

    sigh- loved hearing about your trip and living vicariously through your words and pictures!

  3. Jamie . . . I read all three, what a wonderful trip you had. I love all the pictures!! They’re gorgeous and I bet they don’t do it justice. I’ve never been to California, but hope to take a road trip cross county in the next few years. Lovely! So happy it was wonderful for you and that you made it home safely ;=)

  4. I’ve never been to Napa – what gorgeous photos! And you are braver than I would be to take a Bollywood dance class – how cool! I’m glad you had such a great time :)

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