California Day 2: San Francisco (Pacific side)

Day 2: Saturday (see Day 1 here)

Saturday morning we slept in and went back into San Francisco to see the Pacific side of the city. Laura’s step dad made our day when he loaned us the Corvette to take on our explorations! We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge with the top down. File that under “most exhilarating experiences”!

Once we got into the city we found this little place to pull off and get photos of the bridge with the headlands in the background

We ate at the Cliff House. It’s the restaurant on the right side of the frame. When you look through the windows you feel like you are floating on the Pacific Ocean. The area near the restaurant is equally beautiful.

After lunch we drove down the coast to Half Moon Bay. The drive was gorgeous and I got to see some rock slide areas (kind of scary). Half Moon Bay is beautiful. I had hopes of taking a photo of the half-moon pose on the beach but it was far too windy for that! We did walk down the beach and I put my feet in the frigid Pacific Ocean. Afterwards we drove back into San Francisco and went to Golden Gate Park for a bit, stopping at the Japanese Tea Gardens.

On the way home, we drove the Golden Gate Bridge again and stopped at the end to walk out over the Pacific on the bridge itself. Wow was that something! The bridge is huge!

There are “Emergency and Crisis Counseling” phones stationed every few yards along both sides of the bridge, which made me really curious about the rate of suicide there. Wikipedia says the Golden Gate Bridge is the most popular place to commit suicide in the world. Since many suicides go unwitnessed and bodies are never recovered, there is no accurate count of how many people have killed themselves this way; however, in 2005 it was estimated at least 1,200 people had jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Wow. It would be a hell of a trip on the way down.

I have to say this: the Golden Gate Bridge did not disappoint me. You don’t get there and think “well, it’s just a bridge”. It’s really stunning.

We went home Saturday night to another delicious dinner, relaxed in the hot tub for a while, and watched It’s Complicated, in which the characters snuggle up and watch The Graduate. Oh the cosmic coincidences that occur in this crazy life!

More to come–


7 responses to “California Day 2: San Francisco (Pacific side)

  1. welcome home, darlin’. glad you enjoyed your trip :)

  2. wow, that pacific ocean is stunning!

    I read an article in GQ recently (don’t ask why i was reading that mag to start with….) and there’s this man in Japan…..China…. not sure, anyhoo, who monitors this giant bridge there. he has a blog on how many people he’s saved from jumping.

    one day i guess he just decided to start doing this….

  3. You are such a talented photographer! The pictures are gorgeous. I have to say, I never really had that much of an interest in going to San Fran, but now that I can see and hear about your great experience- I really want to go! It seems beautiful and very unique. I’m glad you had such a wonderful time…. that’s a great feeling to come back from a trip having thoroughly enjoyed yourself. :)

  4. Ohhhh, SF. I love it there, too! The city has the most amazing energy and the scenery is incredible. :) I agree about the GGB — it is always breathtaking.

  5. Jamie: Your pics are great! I loved SF when I went there several years ago with my Mom. I loved the bridge, too. The info about suicides on the bridge very interesting. Wish I was driving across in a convertible !!

  6. Did you love Golden Gate Park? If I lived in SF, I would go there every second I could!!

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