California Day 1: San Francisco (bay side)

Whew! I am back in Illinois and still processing all that I did in California. It was a completely amazing weekend and I experienced sensory overload the whole time, trying to take it all in with all five senses: the sights, the sounds, the feel of the sun on my skin, the amazing food I ate (and the wine of course), and the way it felt to be all the way across the country.

So I know you’re all dying to hear about my trip. I’ve broken it up into three posts. Enjoy!

On Friday I woke up at 2:20 am to drive to Chicago and hop on the plane. I had a layover in Minneapolis and then proceeded to San Francisco. The flights and the airports all went incredibly smoothly, and I had very little anxiety as I was honestly too tired to feel anxious. I landed at SFO and saw a woman trying to put her terrier through the x-ray machine at security (yes, seriously). That kind of set the tone for the hilarious and unpredictable weekend that was ahead.

My friend Laura picked me up at the airport. I was immediately ecstatic because when we pulled out of SFO I saw sights like thiswhich were a complete culture shock to the girl who was born and raised in the plains of the Midwest. We went straight into the city to explore the bay side, parked downtown and walked to the ferry building, where I had a delicious salad and enjoyed this view of the bay and Bay Bridge during lunch.

After lunch we walked towards Fisherman’s Wharf, stopping at Pier 39 to see all the seals. I was surprised at how noisy they all were when together in a group like this. They barked just like dogs!

Next, we walked up to Coit tower, which was an incredibly steep and tiring climb (again! the hills!), but totally worth it when we got to the top and got to see an areal view of the city. Here is Coit tower from below

and this is part of what you see up by the tower.Climbing down was just as fun as climbing up. I got to see Lombard street (the crooked road) and all sorts of miscellaneous San Fran sights on our walk.

After Coit tower we went to the Embarcadero where I shopped at a Lucy. I treated myself to an awesome yoga top that I love, and tried on some pants so when I’m ready to invest I know what size I wear (medium short).

After shopping we drove across the Bay Bridge and headed to Fairfield, which is where Laura lives with her mom and stepdad. There I inhaled an incredible dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and some delicious bread with fresh strawberries and a glass of wine. Mmmm mmmm. After dinner we watched The Graduate, one of my very favorite movies. When Dustin Hoffman drives across the Bay Bridge, I squealed with excitement since I could say I had been on that bridge just a few hours before!

I fell asleep after being awake for 22 hours. Isn’t it amazing how you can wake up in the morning in Illinois and lay your head on a pillow in California that night? Oh the joys of living in the 21st century!

More to come-


4 responses to “California Day 1: San Francisco (bay side)

  1. Sounds wonderful! I love how travel refreshes your 5 senses and your soul. Did you feel like you were in a movie?? I know I would!

  2. what beautiful photos and sights!!!! I also would have felt like I was in a movie- so fun! can’t wait to read more :)

  3. Can’t wait to hear the rest!!

  4. sounds awesome, I’m reliving my trip through this since I sadly lost my camera (that I bought while IN San Francisco) on the way home and have no pics. Boo!
    Can;t wait for the other posts :)

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