What I’m working on

With the cooperation of my hubby, I did a little mini yoga photo shoot yesterday morning. And what good are photos if I don’t share them with you guys? : )

Two of the poses I continue to work on are headstand and crow. In the past month I have noticed a huge improvement with my crow. It’s psychological, not physical, but an improvement just the same. My headstand¬†growth has kind of gotten stagnant. I am moving away from the wall but I still need to to steady my heels on my way up.

Anyway, here are the photos, you can click on them if they’re too small.

Legs up…heels on the wall…they’re almost off…annnnd they are off the wall!

Squat…hands down…one foot up…both feet up…annnnd check out the beautiful space on the mat where my feet should be!

I have also been trying to work on my reverse prayer hands. I thought they were looking good, but when I saw this picture, I realized they’re actually quite crooked!

I am really into this forward bend, called Marichi something. I’m working on using the breath to get my knee closer to my nose. I wasn’t very loose during this mini-session, so I wonder what I look like normally.

And finally, I have been working on my bound extended angle. This is such a great stretch. To me, the challenge is keeping the chest open without losing your sense of gravity and toppling.

Thoughts? Advice? Suggestions? All are welcome. : )



18 responses to “What I’m working on

  1. i love the flipbook-like set up of the first two.. :)

    i wonder if reverse prayer doesnt look even because one arm is longer than the other? otherwise, one shoulder probably just needs more attention while “warming up” than the other. maybe?

  2. ouuu, I love your mariachi-marichi pose! beautiful- wish my lower back was flexible enough to do that :)

    Also- your reverse prayer looks great to me…. but then I’m not an instructor lol

    very cool!

  3. it looks like you are hurting yourself.

  4. i also love the flipbook look! i would love to learn to do that. here are my two pointers: 1. in any inversion i find if you let the heels rest against the wall and then glue the legs together (or better yet if you have a friend they can put their fist in between your lower legs and you squeeze into it) and then activate your abs and slide your heels up the wall and float your legs away at the same time. 2. i love the way your are practicing crow and i’ve found that if i focus on pressing my upper arms into my legs and my legs out into my arms at the same time i all of a sudden find all this support. hope this isn’t too long! glad to have visited your blog!.

  5. Love these! And your crow is looking really awesome!!

  6. love the headstand sequence.

  7. You look fab girl! Way to go with these poses and super brave to post the pics!

    What really made a difference for my crow was starting from a really low squat – feet together, hands and even elbows on the floor. Then straightening the arms, lifting on tiptoes to place the knees and squeezing in from the core to come forward.

    Ah, but just remember the days when headstand and crow seemed totally impossible!? Change is awesome.

  8. Yes, I love the posting…taking pictures is such a good way to see what is “really” happening, especially in back. One thought on Marichyasana (mariachi-asana)–instead of trying to get your nose to your knee, think about lengthening the lower back and trying to press your belly button forward. Then you can relax the spine and let the chest drop further forwards. See how the upper back is rounded in the picture?

    I find lengthening the torso in any forward bends helps me come forward without compressing the chest.

    Congrats on crow! I can do that pose for 2 seconds, tops…

  9. Jamie: Don’t you have any problems with escaping gas while in these poses? I’m just saying . . .

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