Lovely ladies

Hello new friends/visitors! Where did you all come from? Please stay and visit.


I have nothing to say today except for this: I love my blog friends.

You guys know who you are, and you are seriously the best. I love reading about your lives and hearing your take on mine. I love getting your @replies on twitter and seeing a new item in my Google Reader.

So tonight, I just wanted to post this little post thanking you for being such good listeners, giving such great advice, and being so awesome.

The only way this blogosphere could improve is if we could all get together in person…AND take a yoga class together. EcoYogini could come from Halifax, Suburban Yogini from Cambridge, Namaste_Heather from Ohio, Emma could travel from New York, Babs could come from wherever Babs lives (is it Montana? does anyone know?), The Misanthropic Yogini could come from Texas, and LaGitane will have the farthest to travel, from East Timor (I should probably look that up on the map so I at least know where it is), unless of course we all go to East Timor to meet her.

We could buy each other a beer (*cough* I mean organic tea of course) and it would be grand.

Of course it would be open to all other bloggers, I don’t mean to exclude, it’s just that these are the ladies on my mind these days. I wish I could call them after a particularly good class the way I call my other friends just to chat.

And Kate, you can come too, as long as you don’t mind being around a bunch of bendy yoginis prone to chanting. : )

Anyway, enough rambling, I love you and that is all.



17 responses to “Lovely ladies

  1. I love you too, Jamie! Plus your blog is FABULOUS. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do a meet-up? East Timor sounds great!! BTW, no secrets . . . if we meet in the morning, it will be tea . . . in the evening, not beer but wine. Hope your day ended better than it began!

  2. Awww, Jamie, aren’t you just the sweetest thing ;) Really feeling the love here. And why not? The yoga blogging community is pretty fantastic. The knowledge and support I’ve received from you guys has been overwhelming. And I second the vote for East Timor!

  3. Oh that would be so lovely! I’d love to host you all here! :D

    I too am so grateful for our awesome yoga blog community. Let’s have tea, wine and beer!! And then try to do tree pose. :D

    Thanks for the love Jamie – right back at you!!

  4. PS now you are all going to HAVE to look up East Timor on the map lol!

  5. Hey, what about me?! I can represent LA!

    • how could I forget you, my most ardent twitter supporter on good days and bad? : ) please come to the world’s largest yoga blog gathering!!!

  6. Oooh! I want to come too! I LOVE organic tea!

  7. Yup. Montana. And, I’m in!

  8. darling, you just made my day. except, im a whisky drinker (never was one for beer).

    it looks like we might just need an open bar.

    can that be a bumper sticker?: yoginis for open bars


  9. I love you all too and I’m definitely up for a trip to East Timor… ;)

  10. Yoginis for open bars – LOVE it. Emma I never would have guessed you were a whiskey girl. I am actually not a beer girl – amaretto stone sour is my drink of choice. I wonder if they have those in East Timor?

  11. I’m sure we can organize something! I love that the prerequisite is a bar (we have several of those) and not a yoga studio (sadly don’t have one of those)!

    And the best thing about simple languages is that everything is pronounced just as its spelled. ;)

  12. Okay, returned tonight to the same post . . . comments are HILARIOUS! This is the best ;-) Now, to organize this drunken yogi trip . . . too funny!

  13. Who needs a yoga studio when you are organizing a drunken yoga teacher get together?

  14. Jamie, where have I BEEN?? Seriously, how did I miss your last few posts? I thought I was following you… and then I checked and I was NOT! GASP.

    Situation fixed now. phew.

    Yogini meetup, holy poop I would be SO PUMPED to do that. I was just thinking the other day that it would be so nice if we were all closer- don’t forget Y. from A Green Spell! She would come from Central Oregon!

    And Roseanne from Montreal!!

    I kinda like beer though….. haha true Maritimer I guess!

  15. yogiclarebear


    just popping in from minnesota…found your blog via “yogafit” search terms i saw in my blog stats. haven’t read you much yet, but looking forward to it!

    blessings, namaste, yadda yadda ;)


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