Popular Search Terms

One of my favorite things to do while goofing around on the net is to look through Google’s suggested search terms. I love seeing what people are sitting at home googling, because I’m just nosy like that. For a good example, type in “why is there” and see what it suggests. Sometimes the common search terms are alarming (some people should consult a doctor instead of Google!) but for the most part it’s a humorous little insight into the inner workings of the human mind.

Similarly, I’m fascinated by the things people search for, and then wind up on my blog. So I thought I’d share some of the most interesting with you today.

My most popular search term is “grinch”. I have written about the grinch exactly once and I have about 10 grinch-related search terms, including my favorite: “the grinch taking presents”. I guess that means that over 100 disappointed people wound up here, only to find out this blog is not about the grinch.

Anyway, here are my faves:

  • grinch – 104
  • tadasana – 100
  • yogaglo – 18
  • yoga – 6
  • how loud should the music be in a les mi… – 4
  • my stained feet – 4
  • ross and chandler at the gym – 3
  • obese is beautiful – 3
  • half crescent moon lake china photo – 3
  • obesity medication – 2
  • +namas and niyamas non attachment – 2
  • “freshman 15” – 2
  • lycra spandex gym – 1
  • movies with yoga with them – 1
  • blood rushing up neck sound – 1
  • what about les mills work out program? – 1
  • how to paint a porch – 1
  • triangle to handstand to crow – 1
  • overweight vs obese – 1
  • zoo monkey images – 1
  • confessions from the mat – 1
  • what happens when you quit the gym – 1
  • “grossed out by feet” – 1



6 responses to “Popular Search Terms

  1. Great observation! I love these random, witty posts from you about the world. You have a good eye for really interesting stuff that no one is writing about. Awesome as always!

  2. Can I ask ho you find out what people are googling to get to you blog? So interesting!

  3. That is quite possibly the most multi-faceted and hilarious report I’ve ever seen. Especially for a yoga blog. I confess, I’m addicted to looking at mine all the time, too.

    Those 100+ grinch searchers should consider themselves lucky for having found you! :)

  4. 3 “half crescent moon lake china photo” hits? 3?????

  5. @callah: on wordpress, it’s just a feature you can look at daily, and it pulls the terms into reports by month, quarter, year, etc.

    @other girls: hilarious right? don’t worry, I’m also saving my spam comments. someday I’ll post a “best of” those. : )

  6. well I just googled “lycra spandex gym” and I didn’t see you on the first page… but “triangle to handstand to crow” you are #3.

    Well done Jamie! LOL


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