Happy May from your favorite Busy Yogini

I went to St. Louis last weekend to see the Indigo Girls in concert. It was awesome!! I tell you, their music is so full of love, peace, and acceptance. I love it. I also did this:

In other news, I am beginning a new yoga gig this week. I will be teaching at a Bloomington gym one evening a week, plus occasional weekends, in addition to my awesome private classes that I teach here in town. This week, I will be teaching four yoga classes (Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday), and of course going to my Monday class. Did I mention that I have a full-time job? Also that my husband likes to see me now and then? Also that I now have a complimentary gym membership and am getting into Zumba? What does my house look like again?

Seriously, ever since spring came around, my energy level has shot through the roof. I have been exercising again and actually cleaning my house (wait, I’m not supposed to admit that I stopped doing that this winter, sorry). It has been kind of nice, but the compromise is my reading habit has fallen by the wayside and I haven’t been a very good blog-friend. I AM reading your guys’ posts, even if I don’t comment, I promise!

Anyway, back to the point, because I do have one. : ) I have attended scads of yoga classes at gyms, but I have never taught there. Any advice? What is the toughest thing about teaching in a fitness center, and what’s the best?

You guys are the best–



12 responses to “Happy May from your favorite Busy Yogini

  1. i actually really like teaching at gyms. something about the exchange of money that happens at studios doesnt feel good (even though *yes* i am worth it and so is yoga). gym classes, however, tend to want more of “workout” and work up a sweat. of course, that’s just my experience. my mom used to go to yoga classes at her gym that were packed, but were geared towards an “older” crowd and were gentler. i guess its all about the population youre reaching, as always. so, kind of like a studio i guess :)

  2. i’ve also been a bad blogger!! Although I don’t have any insight on “gym” yoga, good luck and congrats!!

  3. I can’t give you any advice, but I can say that that photo is beyond incredible. Why, I ask myself, am I not there right now?

  4. Oh, I know this feeling so well!! I teach 4 nights a week (5 this week cause I’m subbing), and it really eats into my quality time with the people I love. Somewhere there has to be a balance, for me I try to maintain it on weekends. Anyway!

    Gym yoga, exciting! My advice would be to just be yourself and teach as you would teach any other class, but with the knowledge that your audience is likely there for the physical aspects of yoga and expecting a workout. In my experience (I have never taught in a gym but I do teach runners, weight lifters etc), the fitness crowd is also interested in injury prevention so talking a bit of anatomy and stopping to explain alignment e.g. of the knee in triangle, never goes amiss. You can also talk about “why stretch?”, and what benefits yoga has to offer beyond the physical plane.

    You’ll do great! Have fun!

  5. I don’t really have any teaching-yoga-at-the-gym advice, but I have to comment on that AMAZING photo! It’s beautiful! And it inspires me.

    I’m feeling a little burnt out today after subbing a couple of classes this past weekend in addition to teaching my regular two classes/week. The hardest thing for me is that I miss my own practice when I teach this much. I need to find some balance with that.

  6. I don’t have any tips on teaching yoga at a gym, but a couple of things:
    – this photo is gorgeous!
    – congratulations on getting a new gig!
    – and yeah, finding balance is hard, but I am sure you’ll work it out :-)

  7. Girl you are rockin’ it! I’m so excited for you!

  8. The very best thing about teaching at a gym is the chance you have to introduce people to yoga who might not otherwise ever try it! But, there are a lot of challenges too. None of them overwhelming or totally discouraging. I teach at two gyms and I really do love it! I leave a lot of philosophy out of my classes only sneaking things in every once in a while. My classes are very rooted in the physical.

    I can’t wait to hear about it! Congratulations!

  9. So glad you guys like the picture. I do lots of yoga pictures with my friend Stephanie, who doesn’t mind being patient with the camera, even this time when it felt like the sky was going to rip open and pour on us any minute. And we were pretty far from the car!

    Also glad to know some of you like to teach at gyms. I am getting to know my future little gym community and there are some great women there. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Balance balance balance, I’m striving for it in every area of my life right now.

  10. I’m not a fan of teaching in gyms, although I do do it from time to time. I prefer to rent rooms and teach privately because then I get to teach my yoga and not what some gym conceives as being yoga and isn’t. I also do not like having to compete with body pump during savasana – but maybe apalling timetabling is a purely British thing.

    Gym teaching is about balance, a balance between teaching from the heart and teaching to the clientele (gym clientele are a little different from those who are drawn to your private classes on the whole).

  11. I have just realised that this was from May!!!

    Sorry ignore everything. WTF is up with my google reader!!!!!

    • It’s probably my fault! Google reader hasn’t been treating me nicely since I switched domains. I didn’t realize I had to ask its permission. Plus I lost a bunch of subscribers and now I can’t figure out how to go back and post JUST on the old URL to tell people to come over here.

      But I appreciate your thoughts any time : )

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