Eat the Damn Cake

In the past, I have mentioned the topic of women’s body image issues. It’s a subject I feel passionately about and one that every woman deals with in some form, no matter her size.

Well there is a blog out there taking a great new approach to this issue, striking up frank discussions and peeling back the layer of shame that comes with irrational thoughts pertaining to body issues. I found this blog thanks to a twitter post by EcoYogini.

And it is *drumroll please* Eat the Damn Cake.

And they put up a photo of me today.

So I’m famous.

Because you guys? This blog is going to hit it big. It is a breath of fresh air and a space dedicated to a brand new conversation. There are no blogs like it, and like I told my girlfriends, I don’t read every blog on the internet, but I get a wide sampling. And Eat the Damn Cake is unique!

So when they get their book deal, just remember that my face was on their website on April 19, 2010!

Thank you, feel free to send me a photo to autograph. ; )

And go Eat the Damn Cake!



8 responses to “Eat the Damn Cake

  1. cute picture! I bet you are famous someday! We will put you on the DHS Wall of Fame!

  2. OHHH!! you are SO FAMOUS!! love the cake pic too!

    also, i do very much love that blog. very much :)

  3. Thanks so much, Jamie! You rock my world. And if ETDC ever gets famous you can be our face-with-cake. <3

  4. well, congratulmalalations!

  5. Cute! And the cake looks yummy too!

  6. Wow, can I get your autograph on that photo? Please? :-D

  7. Thanks, guys, please form a line to the left for autographs ; )

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