Spring Yoga

Among many exciting things we did yesterday, we took a trip to a state park near my parents’ house. It has many beautiful sights to see like these:

And my mom indulged me by taking some guerilla yoga photos for me. Well, the first one is in her backyard, but the other two are at the park.

It always amazes me how much more difficult the asanas can be when you’re not on a level hardwood floor and deliciously grippy mat. Not to mention your feet get much dirtier. There’s something so beautiful about outdoor yoga!

Thanks for letting me show off the beautiful parts of my hometown : )



6 responses to “Spring Yoga

  1. it looks so gorgeous! perfect place for outdoor yoga :)

  2. ooh! where are you? spring looks more developed there :)

  3. Beautiful!! Spring is such a glorious season… I miss that, living in the tropics. We are now transitioning from the wet to the dry… Nothing so romantic or glorious as those first spring blooms.

  4. i want to be in that park. right now.


    So beautiful!

  6. I know, it’s breathtaking, isn’t it? The midwest can be boring – no mountains (or even hills), no crystal clear water (it’s all muddy colored), not a lot to look at from the car on a road trip – but spring here is really phenomenal!

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