First Lifetime Goal accomplished:

Learn to make cookies just like my grandma.


Namaste and Happy Friday,


13 responses to “First Lifetime Goal accomplished:

  1. *droolµ

    Happy Easter!

  2. those look delicious! It’a always that much harder re-creating a recipe that’s been passed down, isn’t it?

  3. awwww!!!! that is the cutest post I have ever read. :)

  4. Thanks ladies! They were delicious, if I do say so myself : )

  5. These look deeelish – just like springtime!

  6. They look both tasty and adorable. Congrats of on your success!

  7. They are fattening, full of refined sugar, non-vegan, and generally just taste like childhood.

  8. Yummmmmy! Yay Jamie! Hope you are well ;-)

  9. they look as yummy as Grandma’s. Did you make that plateful for me?

  10. Woo hoo! They look yummy! Nice pictures, too!

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