Goals update: Part 1 of 4

It’s March 22, do you know where your new years resolution is?

Since the year is just about 25% over already (WHOA!), I decided to do an update about how I’m doing on the list of goals I made last December. So today I’ll blog a little bit about the goals I have attained already this year.

Completed goals:

  • Finish YogaFit Level 1 community service requirement and receive Level 1 certification.
  • Attend YogaFit Level 2. – Blogged about here and here.
  • Hold a headstand for ten breaths (with or without a wall). – Done with the wall, hope to do without the wall by the end of the year
  • Establish a solid yoga teaching schedule, with at least one regular class. – more here
  • Quit the gym.
  • Get a blogroll going with other yogi/nis/interesting bloggers – see the space to your right!
  • Re-read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius.
  • Take a week off from my full-time job (guilt-free) and spend it with my husband and dogs. – It was fabulous!
  • Spend a night in Chicago with my husband. – see Chicago yoga here.
  • Get in a career position that affords Andy and I both full medical, dental, and vision coverage.
  • Sing Karaoke in public. – I sang at a karaoke party. It was on private property, but in front of strangers, so I decided it counts.
  • Go to a zoo.
  • Eat nothing fried for two weeks. – This was tough. Not so tough because I love fried food (and I do, oh I do), but because I forgot how much is fried. Before I realized it, I had stolen a half-inch long French fry off of Andy’s plate at dinner. But it was just one and it was unintentional, so I decided it still counts.
  • Get family pictures done (me, the hubby, and the two dogs). – see them here.
  • Send Niko home happily.
  • Discover a new musician that I love. Ingrid Michaelson
  • Sell the clarinet(s) and use the money for yoga trainings. – this I can only consider half done, because I sold the clarinet, but I’m using the money to go to San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend to visit a friend from high school. But that will be just as awesome as a yoga training. And feel free to send Bay Area yoga studio recommendations my way!
  • Go rollerblading.
  • Find a good way to develop a home practice and join yogaglo.com – Joined yogaglo and reviewed it here. Home practice has its ups and downs.
  • Send someone flowers. – my mom

Year-long goals that I’m doing well on:

  • Always have my next book picked out while I’m reading my current book.
  • Read five books of non-fiction that aren’t memoirs. – have read three
  • Practice some sort of yoga (30 min minimum) every day for 30 days. Do this twice. – I did this in January, and blogged about it too many times to link it!
  • Write for On the Mat at least twice a week, every week.
  • Purchase a houseplant and keep it alive. – I didn’t purchase the plant, it was given to me in January. It’s currently still alive, although leaning precariously…
  • Use the credit cards only for emergencies (and remember that shopping at Target is not an emergency). – Haven’t put anything on the cards all year : )
  • Kiss Andy good night every night. – have only missed the nights one of us is out of town – and smooched over the phone those nights!
  • Call my grandparents on their birthdays. – successful so far
  • Continue limiting caffeine (1 drink per week if at all). – have probably had two caffeine drinks this year, if that.
  • No overdraft fees in 2010.
  • No speeding tickets in 2010. – although I did get pulled over for speeding…darn lead foot. I’m a yoga teacher, I’m not supposed to be in such a hurry all the time!
  • Go an entire day without checking any email, facebook, twitter, wordpress, etc. Spend the day doing productive things on this list. Do this six times. – have done this twice. Makes me feel equal parts panicked and liberated.

8 responses to “Goals update: Part 1 of 4

  1. wow, you accomplished a lot!!!


  2. Wow! You are ambitious, girl. This is only update 1 of 4! I LOVE your family photos . . . FABULOUS!!!

  3. I LOVE your family portraits with your dogs!!!! So cute!!! I wonder if a photographer could capture the cranky look on my cat’s face? ;)

  4. unconscious eating is a big one for me… like right now. with popcorn. crap.

  5. Way to go, Jamie! You’re making great progress. I absolutely cannot believe 2010 is almost 25% over. That is so crazy to me! Good thing you aren’t a procrastinator.

  6. Wow, you’ve already done a lot, way to go girl!

  7. Thanks everyone. It has been a productive and fun 3 months (almost). Look for parts 2-4 in June, September, and December : )

  8. Wowzers! I feel like such a slacker now. :) Congrats on all your awesome accomplishments — what a year so far!

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