They Like me! They Really Like Me!

I started this blog on October 28, 2009, so it is less than four months old – still a baby blog, really. But it has brought me so much joy! Not only is it beneficial to record my yoga journey, but through my blog I have connected with so many amazing, inspirational, and lovely yogis and yoginis. I so look forward every day to checking if they’ve updated – I love hearing all of their opinions and reading all about their own yoga journeys. I have truly found a yoga community of people worldwide, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Tonight, one of my newest blog friends, Namaste_Heather, gave me my first blog award! I am so honored that she chose me as one of the bloggers for the Sunshine Award:

It’s February, and don’t we all need a little extra sunshine in our lives? : )

I am happy to pass the award to the following yoginis, who always light up my life with their posts!

  1. EcoYogini – I really appreciate Eco’s thoughtful and non-judgmental approach to combining yoga with an eco-friendly lifestyle. (This woman lives in Canada and walks 40 minutes to work EACH WAY – yes, in the winter, too – now that is some eco-dedication!)
  2. It’s All Yoga Baby – The subtitle of this excellent blog says it all: “all things yoga & yoga in all things”. Perfect! This blog is tuned in with current culture, yoga-ish and otherwise.
  3. Bab’s Babble – Her babble is not babble at all! Very thoughtful. I have especially enjoyed hearing about her foray into the world of pre-natal yoga lately.
  4. Yoga Spy – Does ahimsa apply to spiders? Excellent questions over in this corner of the blogosphere. She really caught my attention when she compared yoga teachers to Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. Amazing!
  5. Grounding Thru the Sit Bones – Always raising deep questions, especially about yoga and how it pertains to life.
  6. Damn Good Yoga – I love reading about the Misanthropic Yogini and her practice. She is a new friend and I don’t believe I’ve reached out to her in blog-land, so hello and thanks for bringing sunshine into my life. : )
  7. Daily Cup of Yoga – Brian has expressed uncertainty about this blog’s future, but I hope it stays as smashing as it always is! I’ve appreciated the focus on minimalism lately.
  8. The Highs and Lows of a Suburban Yogini – She already received the award from Namaste_Heather, but I have to include her in my top ten. A must-read.
  9. The Joy of Yoga – Emma comes up with a new yoga sequence every day! Always creative, fresh, and inspiring. (Also another double-doozy from Namaste_Heather’s list, what can I say…great minds)
  10. And I don’t know if this is breaking the rules, but I’d like to return the award to Namaste_Heather as well. Because she lights up my life! I love hearing about her family, her yoga, and her life – one time her kitchen cabinet literally fell off the wall. Now, if that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is!

Thank you, fellow bloggers, and I hope the rest of you enjoy the links. There are really some incredible women out there…



4 responses to “They Like me! They Really Like Me!

  1. Thank you thank you. That’s made me smile on a wet grey day:D <3 xx

  2. Thanks for the kind comment!

  3. 899 hits in January?! Daaaaaaang girl! :) This is so awesome. I love your blog, Jamie so you better keep it up!

  4. Hey Jamie,
    Thank you for giving back. You’re a sweetheart. I haven’t been around the “blogosphere” this weekend so I’m just getting back to commenting. Hope you are well and enjoy your award. You are the Sunshine ;-))

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