Where I Practice

In the last months of our engagement and the first few months of our marriage, Andy and I lived together in an apartment which, while not small, did not exactly give us the space we wanted. When we found the house we live in now, I saw this room and immediately thought “YOGA ROOM!” Fortunately, Andy graciously agreed. : )

I feel so at peace in this room and I love it so much, that I decided to share it with you all tonight:

The painting was done by a friend of mine (Ben Gardner). The big white double doors open up into the living room, but are usually shut. The bamboo curtain divides the room from the study, where my hubby is usually writing while I practice.

And of course, my best buddy, who is always trying to get in the yoga room to see what exactly I’m doing in there (and give me a lick on the face).



11 responses to “Where I Practice

  1. oh it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

    sigh. someday for us, when we move out of our tiny apartment, my Andrew may also (like your Andy) graciously allow a room dedicated to yoga :)

    • The hardest part about doing yoga in the apartment was the godforsaken CARPET everywhere. We had about 2 square feet of laminate in the tiny kitchen, and then the bathrooms were laminate. Everything else was covered in carpet. Even with a good mat, it was hard to practice. It looks like your apartment has some beautiful wood floors, so that’s a start!

  2. What a pretty room! It makes a very lovely yoga studio.

  3. what a wonderful space to practice in!
    we are hoping to build a home for ourselves (we’ve moved a lot in the last few years) and when we design it I am definitely making sure there is a dedicated yoga room/space/corner!
    I love your yoga partner too… our Birman cat loves to plonk herself in the middle of my mat when I practice – she gets in the way but its so cute :-)

    • Im really enjoying it while I have it. Right now we have a spare bedroom that we use for storage, this room, and the study. I know after we have two kids I can kiss my yoga room goodbye! : )

  4. Hi, this is my first time on your blog, love it!

    Your space is beautiful – I love how ‘clean’ & uncluttered it is! I recently created a yoga room in my place too and I LOVE it. It’s like a sanctuary. Except when my cat is scratching at the door and I am trying to relax in savasana… she doesn’t want to come in, she just hates being shut out. LOL.


  5. Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful space. I like the soothing colors. I’m jealous ;)

  6. Beautiful Jamie! I love the color of the walls and the floors are gorgeous. How blessed you are to have a room of your own. Now, what I want to see is your dog in Down Dog in that room! Have a great evening!

  7. Your yoga space is sweet. But your furry friend is stupendous! Is he/she a poodle? My BF and I are planning to adopt a rescued dog this year. I still miss my Gingy kitty but might be ready to adopt a kitten (there are so many needy animals who need homes).

    About your mat placement: Why diagonal? I’m no feng shui expert, but I’ve always preferred to be parallel to walls. Thoughts?

    • So funny you should ask about the mat placement. I have actually tried lots of different things and this seems to work best for me, although I know it seems a little off. One wall of the room faces the study, one wall faces the living room, one the bathroom/dining room area, and one outside. I found that if I faced any of the three rooms, I felt too distracted by what was going on in that part of the house, but when I turned my back on it all and faced outside, I didn’t feel connected enough. Oddly enough, diagonal works. And I like using the intersection of the ceiling and two walls as a focal point when I need one. : )

      Izzy is a poodle mix- half Wheaten terrier. She’s 2 and about 44 lbs. We love her to death. She is VERY energetic. We have another, smaller dog, Rocky, who is just as lovable but not as nosy as Izzy!

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