Gaiam’s 5-day fit Yoga DVD

As I mentioned before, my friend Sarah loaned me the Gaiam 5-day fit yoga DVD. I actually only did the first three of the five classes because after that, I joined yogaglo and was too excited to do anything but that : ) (more on that later). So keep in mind when you read my review that maybe the last two classes are different.

Overall, I give the DVD a C+. Slightly better than average.

My biggest complaint about this DVD is that there is no way to tell which class you’re selecting from the main menu. The back of the DVD lists the following:

AM Peak Performance Yoga
PM Peak Performance Yoga
AM Yoga for Weight Loss
PM Yoga for Weight Loss
Stress Relief Yoga

But on the main DVD menu, they are listed only as numbers 1-5. There’s no way to tell if you’re starting an AM or PM class, which really is quite a big difference to me. I don’t want to be lulled to sleep if I got up early to practice.

Suzanne Deason leads three of the classes, but I only did one of hers. After that one, I wasn’t overly eager to do the other ones. In my opinion, her voice wasn’t very soothing, and she repeatedly referred to a “brick” that we supposedly needed, although I never actually felt like I needed one while participating. I am hyper-sensitive to these things, because then I start thinking that the inclusion of the brick is just Gaiam advertising to me, and I definitely don’t want to be advertised to while practicing. If I had really needed the block, I would have felt differently, I’m sure.

Rod Stryker does two of the classes on the DVD, both of which I did and really enjoyed. Rod uses beautiful language and cues about what the body is supposed to be doing and feeling. That being said, I’m wary of some of his cues – I’m not a fan of teachers using words like “stronger” and “more flexible” (as in, “if you’re more flexible, put your hand on the floor”). That seems to set the participants up for competition – with others, with themselves, and with the person on the screen. Also, I don’t know that a beginner could have kept up with him, as he mentioned the poses without much direction as to how to get into them.

I’m glad I checked out the DVD (Thanks Sarah!). I’d be interested to hear what some of you think, if you’ve tried this particular item, or other classes with Rod and Suzanne.



2 responses to “Gaiam’s 5-day fit Yoga DVD

  1. Can’t wait to hear about YogaGlo! I’m sooo curious.

  2. I guess the menu is a problem but the variety of am, pm, and stress relief yoga is really great (am is energetic vinyasa, pm is slower vinyasa plus more floor poses, stress relief is slow standing plus restorative and floor poses).


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