DIY yoga mat bag!

the materials

My friend Stephanie is a superhero.

She is a math teacher, so she gets the ultimate respect from me, the person who struggles balancing her checkbook. She is also awesome at all sorts of things I don’t really know how to do. She helped me paint my porch, she knows how to knit (really knit, because I can make scarves and nothing else), she can cook and bake, she does amazing things like making her own headboard for her bed, and on and on. Also, she owns a sewing machine and actually knows how to work it.

So a long time ago I found this page on, but I kind of wrote it off as over my head. Meanwhile, I casually shopped for a yoga mat bag, but wasn’t flipped about any I saw. They were all either too expensive (lululemon’s start at $34) or just not very cute. But the other day, it dawned on me that maybe Stephanie could help me make my own yoga bag! And she agreed to help.

me, pretending to be a professional

The first thing I had to do was buy my materials. This took a lot of help from the kind Hobby Lobby employee, who seemed genuinely concerned for the success of my project due to my overwhelming ignorance of what I was shopping for. I finally picked everything out, and the total came to less than $11 (and I have a lot of fabric left over).

Then, we had to measure and cut the rectangle and circle. As you might expect, a rectangle is a lot easier to cut than a circle. First we had to figure out how big the circle should be if the circumference needed to be a certain measurement. I was over simplifying things, but once Stephanie remembered where “pi” fit in the equation, and got out her fancy graphing calculator, we got it figured out.

We tried a couple of different things to make the circle, and finally it dawned on me that Stephanie probably had a compass lying around somewhere (of course, at first I referred to it as a protractor, but she knew what I meant). So that was a great thing to have.

To save you guys some time, a 6″ circle is a good size to start with. I have a regular thin mat and 6″ was just slightly too big. You’ll need a bigger circle depending on how thin/thick your mat is. If you don’t have a compass, and don’t want to bother with pi, a small plate or bowl would work.

the finished product!Once we got everything all set up, I learned the basics of the sewing machine (which I could not replicate on my own anytime soon). I did a little sewing, but Stephanie took care of the hard stuff for me.

Overall, despite some difficult angles of the fabric under the needle, the bag was not incredibly hard to make. It should be easy for those of you who do this stuff more often.

One suggestion I have that differs from the pattern is in regards to the strap length. I think the measurements they give you for the length are much too short, and I would definitely suggest adding a few inches on to the pattern (I did).

All in all, I was very happy with the finished product. Thanks to my great friend, and the helpful lady at Hobby Lobby, I now have an adorable yoga mat bag. I can’t wait for the first time someone compliments it and I can say that I made it all by myself (well, almost)! : )

Happy crafting.



4 responses to “DIY yoga mat bag!

  1. So cute! Now that you’re a pro, I’ll send you my address so you can send me one! JK! It looks awesome and you should be so proud of yourself. Very thrifty and green!

  2. yay that’s perfect!!! my friend Jen needs to do this- she actually likes sewing things! :)

    love the fabric.

  3. thank you !
    my wife loves the bag !!!

  4. so cute! I’m proud of you!

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