Confessions of a Clumsy Yogini

You guys, I fell out of crow pose tonight. It sucked. I’m going to have to take three steps back from that pose and start at the beginning. Any tips?

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12 responses to “Confessions of a Clumsy Yogini

  1. ohhh. I have JUST begun to be able to lift my toes with elbows BENT in crows… so i’m not very helpful.

    i know that for me, my core still needs work, as i’m not lifting enough from there. also, my thigh muscles aren’t flexible enough yet to lift into my arm pits…

    so i’m hoping that with increased core strength and thigh stuff that it should come along.

    no worries, you will get it! :)

  2. How well do you typically do Crow and how did you fall? On your face? Do you ever use a block? Give me more details. I love Crow but cannot stay in it for long, and don’t quite get as high up as the models they show in Yoga Journal. Yoga is so humbling, isn’t it?

    • I have never succeeded in crow, really. I’ve never held my feet up for a complete breath. This time I was feeling confident because I thought I had the dynamic tension right between my elbows and knees. And I did get my feet off the ground for a brief moment, but then I got a little cocky and lost my balance – my left wrist kind of collapsed and I just kind of rolled over on to my left side. : ( Fortunately, I didn’t injure anything but my dignity!

      • namasteheather

        Core muscles are key. Fear is often a factor too. I like to use a block under the head to help with that. I have my students start by placing their heads on the block, getting proper arm placement and then teetering back and forth. It seems to help with the “fear factor”. Also, everybody’s bodies are different, but I watch for placement of elbows close to calve muscles and squeezing calve muscles in seem to help increase core strength. Let me know how it goes!

  3. It took me ages to even attempt crow because I was petrified of falling forward and bashing my head in.. putting a bolster in front of you helps a lot with that. I am still far from being expert but I think the thing with all the balancing poses is to persevere because usually it is our egos that are the biggest obstacle. You’re probably a lot closer to mastering it than you realise – one day it’ll suddenly come together :-) Good Luck!

  4. ditto to the bolster – put one under yr head in front of you and use it for balance, just to see how yr arms/body feels in the pose. And when yr there, balanced with yr head on the bolster, pull your shoulders away from your ears.. and pull your belly back into your spine.. and just practice!

    the joy of yoga is that once you ‘master’ a pose/can get into a pose easily, there’s another one to learn! i’m currently trying to do jumpbacks from crow to chattarunga.. and also move from crow to headstand tripod.. and manage to mostly fall out of them each time i do it.. just remember to laugh – it’s a wonderful thing your playing with, and just be patient..

    enjoy the journey xx

  5. I try to get my knees as high under my armpits as I can and then lean into it. I don’t straighten my arms until I am airborne. I can do the jumpbacks but haven’t figured out jumping into crow from down dog yet. I have to have a mat in front of my head so I don’t eat it. You are so right. Yoga is very humbling.

  6. Thanks so much for all of the tips, everyone. This is one that is going to take a lot of work. I’ll just be happy if I can get up to it by the end of the year, honestly. Next time I get the courage to try, I’ll remember everything you said – it was all so helpful!

    And yes, I absolutely need to take my ego out of it. Right now the fear of falling on my face is just very realistic! ; )

  7. To me, the key is the look forward, not down. You have much-more control and can “catch” yourself better.

    Consider it a positive experience: you CAN fall out of crow pose and SURVIVE.

  8. one thing i’ve heard from a teacher is to imagine that you are making a tripod. your hands are two of the points, and your gaze should go to where the sturdiest triangle would be created.

    and, i say, if you’re going to go down, make sure to take someone with you. maybe one of the dogs.

    • I love it Emma! The dogs would be thrilled if I’d take them down with me, because it would mean that they’d be allowed in my yoga room to begin with ; )

  9. oh dear, I didn’t know what crow pose was and so I looked it up and now I’m scared for you! Be Careful!

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