31 day challenge update

For the first five days of January, I have really enjoyed practicing 30 minutes a day. I have mainly been using the Gaiam 5-day fit yoga DVD, which I will review once I’m done with it (I still have two more sessions to try). Last night, though, I didn’t really feel like listening to anyone talk, and my energy level was very low. So I treated myself to a relaxing session consisting of the following:

1) shoulder rolls, neck rolls, and lateral flexion in a seated, cross-legged position. (6 min)
2) cat/cow flow and all fours/child’s pose flow (6 min)
3) standing straddle, standing straddle twist on each side (6 min)
4) rocking kneeling lunges to stretch hip flexors on each side (3 min)
5) supine lateral stretch, final relaxation, legs up against the wall, breathing (9 min)

The lights were off and the music was all the way up, so I could barely even hear anything going on in my house that could distract me. It was just what the doctor ordered.

I am so happy with my decision to practice 30 minutes a day. It will be a great month!



One response to “31 day challenge update

  1. I am so impressed with your commitment to still practice even though you were tired. It makes me think maybe I should get up in the morning and even do 15 minutes. Hmmmm……

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