2009 in review

January– Did an awesome job on Weight Watchers and lost 7-8 pounds over the course of the month. Took a trip to the ER that I will be paying for until 2011, thanks to my lackluster health insurance.

February– Celebrated the birth of a friend’s baby. Got really sick of Weight Watchers and went off it on Valentine’s day (10 pounds between Christmas and V-day, whoo hoo!) and Andy and I celebrated by going to Biaggi’s. Got lots of inspections done at the house.

March– Took a day trip to Springfield IL to see the Lincoln museum (very cool). Bought our first car together. Went up to IKEA and shopped all over for new furniture. Started weekly Friday night dinner with Stephanie and Brian!

April– Everything warmed up. Remembered what green looks like. My little sister turned 18. Celebrated Easter with my family. Started packing.

May– Moved into the house. My sister graduated high school. Spent a lot of time at the dentist. Spent a lot of time walking Izzy in our new quiet, shady neighborhood.

June– Adopted Rocky. Went to the lake with my extended family for a weekend. Went to IKEA (yes, again). Went to Six Flags and spent a large chunk of the day floating on the lazy river. Also discovered that I now get motion sickness on roller coasters!

July– Celebrated the rainiest Fourth of July of my life. Had a birthday. Andy threw me an awesome surprise party and friends traveled from all across the Midwest to celebrate with me. Both sets of grandparents came to visit. Decided to register for YogaFit training.

August– Celebrated one year of marriage. Took a trip to Iowa to stay with two good friends for the weekend. Ate lots of food at the Iowa state fair and did free yoga at a park by a lake. Went to too many cookouts to count.

September– Went to Chicago to see Harry Potter at the Museum of Science and Industry. Hung around in Millennium Park for a while. Went to a baby shower for my cousin’s wife.

October– Painted and re-carpeted the porch. Went to the Danville Area Yoga Retreat. Went to Level 1 YogaFit training. Had a Halloween party and dressed as Professor McGonagall. Started this blog.

November– Started teaching community service classes for yoga certification. Went to a baby shower for Andy’s cousin’s wife. Celebrated Thanksgiving with my family. My town implemented monthly curbside recycling pick-up (hooray!).

December– Went to Chicago for the day to be a tourist and do a little shopping. Had Christmas celebrations all month long. Found out that as of January 2010, my position at work would become “permanent” – now I’ll start getting benefits.

And I am so ready for 2010 :)



3 responses to “2009 in review

  1. Jamie-congratulations on the job! I know that is a relief for you!

    I liked the way you reviewed 2009…great job! Sounds like you had an awesome year!

  2. Cool wrap-up. Omg, do you remember how much Andy and I both hated you when you were on Weight Watchers?! lol jk of course!

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