Speaking of balance

I just ordered this book from Amazon with some Christmas money:
One of my favorite things to do on Amazon is to bring up a book that I love and scroll down to the “Customers who bought this item also bought” section. Then I just follow the breadcrumb trail until I find one I must have. It usually doesn’t take long.

I had to have this book because it includes the story of Phillippe Petit and his adventure in the 70s. I had never heard of Petit until a year or so ago when I took Andy to a movie called Man on Wire. I don’t know what I expected of the movie, but I was really impressed. The documentary tells the story of the night Petit and his buddies snuck into the World Trade Center towers and shot a cable across the space between the buildings. The next morning Petit walked around – danced, actually – on the cable. No safety nets, no harness, nothing – and he didn’t just scurry across from one tower to the other. He really performed. Anyway, the story is really incredible, and you should all rent it. I will report back later on the book.

This guy would make quite the yogi. : )



One response to “Speaking of balance

  1. Yes! “Man on Wire” is a FANTASTIC movie! I loved watching all the prep he and his friends did. But I think the coolest thing was when he told how he conceived the idea when he was a boy in a waiting room and saw a story about the towers being built. Very, very cool. And I also remember thinking “yoga” when I watched it, too.

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