Confessions of an absent yogini

I have another confession to make. I am in (*gasp*) a yoga slump.

I have hit a wall. I am frustrated. I haven’t done yoga in a long time. So long that I feel sore all over and generally antsy. Small irritations are making me murderous and I feel melancholy and insecure. I know a class would ease this anxiety, but that’s just it: what class?

My only regular class I’ve been attending is on Mondays, and for lots of holiday-related reasons, that one is not working for me right now. I just can’t seem to get there. My community service teaching ended, so I don’t have that once-or-twice weekly yoga hit I can count on anymore. I don’t want to teach myself in my house because I’m at a place right now where I need a teacher. A really good one.

There’s a fancy yoga-only studio in town, and I should go there. Actually, “in town” is gracious – it’s probably more than 30 minutes away from my front door. Plus, it’s $12 a class and seriously? That’s kind of expensive. This is not Chicago. Also, I went once and didn’t really enjoy it. That was a year ago though, so I should give it another chance, but something is stopping me. And they don’t have any more classes till the first of the year so that is not going to help me for the next two weeks.

I just feel a general nagging sensation when I think about yoga. I need to do it, but I don’t feel motivated to find the time. I know that this will pass, but I need to deal with it until it does.

It also makes me feel like a fake. I am attending Level 2 training at the end of January. I love yoga. I want to teach yoga. I write about yoga. I read what other people write about yoga. So why on earth am I not doing it? I must be an imposter.

I will let you know when I reach an upswing. Until then, I’ll try to make the most of my shoulder rolls.



5 responses to “Confessions of an absent yogini

  1. It’s time to allow yourself a little bit of Grace. We all have moments of “downswing” and finding yourself and your yoga niche during transition can take time. You will find a practice and studio taht will work for you. Just like yogaglo works for me :) (although I can’t wait to invest in more actually classes soon!).

    Remember, yoga isn’t only the asana practice- you are doing yoga when you write about it, when you’re kind to someone, when you stop and meditate for a few minutes…

    I know you’ll find what works. the classes in this tiny Canadian city are 16-18$ a pop…. blegh. Perhaps you have a few friends who wouldn’t mind trying a personal home practice with you? Joy Yoga has some nice sequences :)

    Peace and Light Jamie :)


    • I think you’re right. Being hard on myself is definitely not in the spirit of yoga, and it’s not productive, either. Maybe I just need a break from everything for the holidays, even things I love. It’s kind of weird how that works.

      Thanks for the kind words! : )

  2. eco got that right on. i’ll add that sometimes what feels like forcing myself onto the mat at home can turn out beautifully. sometimes i needed to listen a bit harder to my body. maybe a chart with gold stars? (i’m kidding, really)



  3. you can get back into the swing of things when January rolls around and you have evenings without Andy again to fill up. Until then don’t bash yourself for NOT doing something. You are just doing something other than Yoga. That is what Holidays and vacations are for. At the end of the day try to sum up the things you DID do; visited family or friends, had friends over for a Holiday get together, spent more time with your furry friends, read one of your books, etc. You are a very disciplined person so I know you will get back on track!

  4. Thank you ladies for the kindness and encouragement. It is MUCH appreciated!!! : )

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