Yoga: the newest olympic sport?

Is the spirit of competition in the soul of yoga?

Ouch. This is a popular topic these days, and I have to say that the idea of yoga as competition makes me cringe. It seems counterintuitive to so much of what yoga stands for – that it’s about what happens when you’re striving towards a goal, not what happens when you reach it. As I say in my classes: we fit the pose to our body, not our body to the pose. We need to do what’s right for us in the present moment, not what we think we’re supposed to be doing. We don’t need to look like the cover of an issue of Yoga Journal to have a life-changing practice. Right?

Apparently not. Apparently yoga, for some people, can be just like gymnastics: a set of criteria and a scoring system, and BOOM…suddenly you have a “score” for your yoga “performance”.

Sigh. What do you think?


PS: Watch that video of the New York Regional Yoga Championship. In the name of all that is holy – WHAT are those people doing to their bodies??


3 responses to “Yoga: the newest olympic sport?

  1. Since this is a superficial evaluation of yoga (I mean the competition), then I have to say, the performances on the video looked pretty “clunky.” Artistic expression is a score for both gymnastics and figure skating and I think this crowd would have ranked pretty low, as far as that goes.

    They looked kind of like baby horses trying to stand up.

    • Agreed! There isn’t much “flow” there…at all. And the girl who starts from standing and grabs the back of her ankles literally makes my stomach hurt. I would be upset if everyone though that is what I’m teaching!

  2. A SUCCESS born not by chance or luck, a true SUCCESS TARGET because cultivated through a clear, mature PLANNING, FAITH, WORK HARD, perseverance and good intentions and sincere.

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