A very enjoyable experience

Well, I taught my first class tonight! I think it was overall a very positive experience. I had seven people show up – six of them were friends or acquaintances, and one was a stranger. Seven is a lucky number, right? : )

My impression upon leaving class was as follows:

1) my throat hurts!

2) I just can’t get enough practice teaching those Sun Salutations

3) I can’t tell if I’m too fast or too slow, and I can’t tell if I’m talking too much or not enough

I can only hope that all three will improve a tiny bit each class I teach. The person in class who I did not know said it was her first yoga class and she had “a very enjoyable experience”. That’s about all a girl could ask for, right?!

One thing is worth noting – I don’t feel much different since the class. I almost feel like I just did yoga for an hour and there happened to be some people in the room doing it with me. It will be interesting to see if that sensation changes as I teach more.

That’s all for tonight – namaste,


4 responses to “A very enjoyable experience

  1. I was glad to be a part of your first class! I agree; it was a very enjoyable experience. :) You definitely didn’t seem like a beginner either- you’re a natural so everything went smoothly!

  2. Jamie-nice blog! I would love to learn yoga, but just can’t commit to the next few weeks. Let me know if you will be doing any teaching after the first of the year! Think you can teach an old lady?

    Sue (Maggie’s mom)

  3. congrats!!! a very enjoyable experience is fantastic! :)
    what a perfect way to start- with comfortable people and one stranger- just enough without being overwhelming !

    ps- yep we will be mascara-6 people together lol. it is a fun site though… made me realize a lot about my products… but I had to let go of the toxic fear stuff or I would have spent a fortune! :)

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