Introducing: Sanskrit Saturdays!

For people who have been practicing yoga for many years, yoga jargon and Sanskrit terms come naturally and are integrated into our vocabulary. For beginners, the language of yoga can be intimidating and exclusive. I thought it might be helpful to explain and discuss some of the basic Sanskrit and yoga terms here.

So, I’m going to implement “Sanskrit Saturday” here at On the Mat! Every Saturday, I’ll post a Sanskrit word, phrase, or pair of words, and explore their meaning.

I have accumulated this information through a combination of yoga classes, YogaFit training and literature, Wikipedia, and my own thoughts. This will be a great mix of interests for me, blending my love of yoga with my English background.

This Saturday, November 7, I’ll start at the beginning and discuss the origination of the word “yoga”. I have lots of ideas for Sanskrit Saturday posts, but (if I have a fledging readership out there) you can feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!

In other news, my very first yoga class is tomorrow night at the YWCA. I’ll let you all know how it goes!



One response to “Introducing: Sanskrit Saturdays!

  1. Hi Jamie!
    Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement and ideas for my practice!

    I look forward to reading your sanskrit Saturday and good luck today for your first YMCA class! (my favourite instructor of all time taught at the Y :) )


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