A few poses, or, “How do you DO that?”

I thought I would give a quick synopsis of some my favorite poses, some challenging poses for me, and some that I can begin to work towards later. (All photos are provided by yogajournal.com)

If I had to pick one favorite asana, it would be the cow/cat flow. This flow decreases anxiety and opens up the spine. When I do this flow, I feel instantly relaxed and centered. This is a flow I suggest to people who claim they “can’t do” yoga. Anyone can handle this action and benefit from it.
cat cow

I always feel especially strong in Triangle pose. It took me a long time to reach the ground while keeping my chest open. I really enjoy the feeling of coming into triangle pose – shifting the hips back and reaching forward with the hand.


Tree pose
is perhaps the simplest balancing pose, but it’s my current favorite. It’s also the only upright balancing pose mentioned in YogaFit’s Level 1 training. I knew I was in a a great class last year when my teacher walked us into bringing our feet to our thighs and I was successful for the first time. It was a defining moment in my practice. The trick for me was the breath and creating dynamic tension between the foot and the thigh – two things I’ll always try to relay to my students up front.


The following are poses that I have successfully attained before but continue to challenge me. I want to feature these because I feel like when I master them it will be a turning point of sorts in my practice. They are (right to left) Side plankPlow, Supported shoulderstand (which I can only come into from Plow), and Balancing half-moon (which I am much more successful at coming from Triangle instead of  Pyramid).
side plankplow supportedshoulderstandhalf-moon

And finally, some poses I can hardly look at without falling over. Many of them are arm-balancing poses – I struggle with those the most. I’ll arrange these in order of least intimidating to most intimidating: Revolved Triangle, Wheel, Supported headstand, Handstand, Crane, Firefly, Shoulder-pressing, and Eight-angle.

revolved trianglewheelsupportedheadstandhandstandcranefireflyshoulder-pressingeight-angle



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